‘Law & Order’: How Far Should the Franchise Take New Spinoffs?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)

The “Law & Order” franchise is a huge draw for fans already. Now, could there be more spin-offs on the horizon? Fans recently took to Reddit to discuss all the possibilities for the franchise.

“I think L&O is missing out on potential for great shows focusing on different units,” the thread began. “Like for instance, make a show about Hate Crimes […] Internal affairs, narcotics, etc.”

Fans turned up in the comments, providing their own opinions on the concept of a “Law & Order” expanded universe. One fan replied, “Some of my favorite L&O episodes were the ones with crooked cops. I’ve always said there should be an Internal Affairs spinoff.” They also mentioned cold cases, but admitted that the CBS show “Cold Case” really cornered the market on that one.

A few fans expressed their love for Robert Goren from “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” One wrote, “What I want is a Goren show where he’s a lecturer on criminal psychology and solves crimes on the side, sometimes with Eames since she’s still on the force.”

Others didn’t seem too amenable to more “Law & Order” spin-offs. “Franchise fatigue is real,” wrote one fan. “I don’t want separate spinoffs about different units. Occasional episodes/arcs where they interact with other detectives, sure. [If I remember correctly], SVU worked with detectives from another borough last year. That’s the stuff I think would be interesting. But I don’t need additional spinoffs.”

It’s a tough topic, because the fans are so divided. Some would love to see an Internal Affairs series, others would rather stick with the revival, “SVU,” and “Organized Crime” and leave it at that. But, with news that a new “Hate Crimes” series is in the works, fans may have more to look forward to.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Discuss Favorite Former Character

There was one character on “Law & Order: SVU” that everyone universally loved; no, not Benson, or Stabler, or even Alex Cabot. It was one Dr. George Huang. B.D. Wong played the FBI psychiatrist and profiler from seasons 2 to 12, then occasionally from seasons 13 to 15.

“Everyone loves Dr. Huang,” began a recent Reddit thread. “When he shows up you know the episode is fire.” Another fan replied, “He was such a great character and introduced me to so many different types of disorders and people and facial interpretations […] The psych evals were always so fascinating and he was just an all around great guy who fit so well into the squad.” Although, fans admitted that they would’ve liked to see more of Huang’s life outside of the SVU.

Fans called him a “badass,” “the sexiest psychiatrist alive,” and claimed that he “elevates every scene he’s in.” High praise for a side character, but much deserved. One fan summed up Wong’s time on the show perfectly, writing, “The Huang era is peak SVU.”