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What is ‘Law & Order’ and ‘One Chicago’ Creator Dick Wolf’s Net Worth?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Dick Wolf has long been a big part of iconic television. The Law & Order creator has brought us a variety of unforgettable television shows over the past few decades.

Wolf is the mind behind the popular Law & Order franchise installments as well as our favorite One Chicago dramas such as Chicago PD, Chicago Fire of Chicago Med. Dick Wolf is even the mastermind behind our federal drama FBI.

With a laundry list of successful shows on his resume, it stands to reason that Dick Wolf is likely one of the most successful primetime drama creators in the business. But, what is his net worth, exactly?

Right around $550 million is what Celebrity Net Worth.com says.

‘Law & Order’ Creator Starts Out Finding Great Success

Born in New York City on December 12, 1946, Richard Anthony Wolf, the popular producer, and television show creator attended the University of Pennsylvania. Wolf graduated from the prestigious university in 1969.

After moving to LA, the famous producer and creator had three of his own screenplays professionally produced. In fact, one of these screenplays turned into the 1988 production Masquerade starring Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly.

From there, Wolf then went on to a successful stint as a staff writer on the iconic late 1980s law enforcement drama, Hill Street Blues.

The famous writer, producer, and creator was even nominated for his first Emmy Award for his work on the series. The nomination came from Wolf’s work on an episode where he served as the only writer. This episode was titled What Are Friends For.

Later, Dick Wolf went on to pen some episodes of the wildly Don Johnson hit series Miami Vice. Wolf also co-produced the third and fourth seasons of this hit series.

The successful show-runner then went on to work on the series that would begin his accomplished career, creating the original Law & Order in 1990.

The Begining Of One Of Television’s Greatest Franchise’s

This series ran for twenty years on NBC. The series finally ended in 2010, making the series one of the longest-running shows in all of television history. The series also holds the title for the most consecutive Emmy Award nominations of any drama series during primetime.

This wildly successful series went on to inspire a variety of spin-off shows.

Of course, one of these spin-offs is the iconically popular Law & Order: SVU.

Other spin-off shows within the franchise include Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, and Law & Order: Los Angeles. Of these spin-off’s Law & Order: SVU is the only series left on the air. However, another spin-off has since been created, the Christopher Meloni series Law & Order: Organized Crime.

A reboot of Dick Wolf’s original series, Law & Order is currently in the works and is expected to premiere sometime next year.