‘Law & Order’: One Star Once Found Out About Their Character’s Death As it Aired

by Joe Rutland

Imagine watching your own show, in this case Law & Order, and finding that your character died. Right while you were glued to the TV.

You, Outsiders, might be saying, “Oh come on, man, that didn’t happen.” But it did.

Let’s look at what went down thanks to Looper.

Who was it that had this happen to her? Jill Hennessy, who played Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincade in Seasons 4-6 on Law & Order.

Now, the Season 6 season finale was titled Aftershock. Kincaid is involved in an auto accident. Just before it happens, we see her having a chat with Detective Lennie Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach.

‘Law & Order’ Actress Did Not Get Heads-Up About Demise

The Law & Order actress talked about this entire situation in an interview with TV Guide. She says that no one, not even show creator Dick Wolf, told her that Kincaid was dead. It took a mention six years later about her character for Hennessy to realize it was all over.

“I found out they killed me off from a friend who watched the show and told me, ‘Jill, they said you were dead!'” Hennessy says. “I was surprised because I always thought I would return.”

Back in 2018, she was talking about her career with Q1043 New York. She says that the car accident plot surprised her.

Did she have a lot of advance warning about the plot? “Not much,” Hennessy says. “Sometimes people get no advance. I can’t even remember what I heard there. I think I just knew when we got the script.”

Want some more interesting tidbits, Outsiders? Law & Order, the OG show, is coming back to NBC. And Sam Waterston also will return to play Jack McCoy. And with this news, Wolf smiles.

Do you ever wonder why Law & Order became so popular with fans and viewers? It wasn’t always popular when it first hit airwaves on NBC.

Actually, the show cast was a bit of a “boys club.” This didn’t sit with then-NBC executive Warren Littlefield. He told Wolf that the show would get the ax if a wider appeal wasn’t part of its future.

S. Epatha Merkerson and Hennessy helped bring viewers back and gave Law & Order some new energy. Toss in some real-life stories when it came to accuracy and dedication to them.

These storylines included abusive celebrity parents, high-speed chases, and high-profile disappearances. It all became part of the world that Law & Order presented to viewers. SVU bent its storylines toward getting justice for rape victims.

With the changes in the OG show, along with its spin-offs, the franchise grew stronger and had more to offer fans.