‘Law & Order’: One Star Has Appeared in the Majority of Series in the Franchise

by Jacklyn Krol

Which actor has appeared in most of the Law & Order franchises? Guillermo Diaz!

Diaz is now a regular fixture on Organized Crime but he got his start in the franchise back in 1994 when he guest-starred on the original Law & Order at just eighteen years old. He first guest-starred in the episode “Kids” as  Juan Domingo. The episode follows Briscoe while he investigates one of his former colleague’s sons who was accused of shooting an innocent teenager.

However, this wasn’t the first time that he was on the show. Diaz first appeared on the show back in 1990 in an episode as he was in a mugshot photo. His mugshot appeared again in 2004 on the episode “Enemy.”

Then in 1999, he guest-starred in the original show’s episode entitled “Marathon” as Bobby Sabo. The IMDB description of the episode reads, “Detective Briscoe’s integrity is brought into question more than once as he pursues a Hispanic robbery/murder suspect.”

Franchise Moves

Diaz moved on to Law & Order: SVU in 2012. He portrayed Omar Peña in the episode “Justice Denied”. Detective Benson realized that she put the wrong man in prison for rape and attempts to correct her mistake. Once again he appeared on the show as a guest star in the 2019 episode “Murdered at a Bad Address” as Carlos Hernandez.

Finally, in 2021 he found a home on Law & Order: Organized Crime as a recurring character Sgt. Bill Brewster. So far, his character appeared in seven episodes.

Showrunner Illene Chaiken told TV Line that he is hoping that he will become a regular on the show in the future.

“We certainly hope so,” he said of him potentially becoming a fixture. “And it also opens the door for a new and even more challenging relationship with Stabler and Bell, now that he’s officially their boss. Their former boss was a somewhat crotchety, but actually warm, individual whom they both trusted. And it remains to be seen whether they can trust Brewster.”

A Special ‘Law & Order’ Honor

Diaz’s 2019 SVU episode actually earned him a GLAAD award nomination. The episode was honored for Outstanding Individual Episode (in a series w/o a regular LGBTQ character). The episode follows Carlos being wrongfully imprisoned because he would not reveal his alibi which would make him come out as gay. In real life, he is a proud gay man.

“It’s really special for me, because I’m a gay man,” Díaz told Give Me My Remote. “It’s wonderful. I feel just lucky and blessed that SVU asked me to do this episode. It’s based on an actual story that happened; super sad and tragic: a gay man was falsely accused of a crime and it took 16 years, I believe, before he was exonerated…[but] I feel super thrilled and excited about the nomination.”