‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Albi Actor Vinnie Jones Found Family on Season 2 Set

by Lauren Boisvert

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, actor Vinnie Jones spoke about playing a gay Albanian gangster for the first time, being on “the holy grail of TV,” and how his character’s arc has come full circle. He also spoke about the atmosphere on the set of “Law & Order: Organized Crime.”

“I was in New York for four months, from start to finish,” said Jones. Because he was on set for so long, he said, “the other actors around you can trust.” Groups like that start to become family. They spend so much time with each other that they consider the group great friends. That usually happens on long shoots, and sometimes actors keep in touch long after the shoot is over.

Jones also spoke about his experience working with Chris Meloni as Elliot Stabler, saying, “Chris is a bloody fine actor. I love his work and I loved working with him […] It was such fresh air for me.”

Speaking of Chris Meloni, Jones considered him a great inspiration during his time on “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” Of one of Stabler and Albi’s scene,” Jones said, “I think that was quite powerful […] it all starts dropping into place. And [Stabler] says, ‘Albi, I’ve got your secret. No one will know.'” This directly leads to Stabler, undercover as Eddie Wagner, being let into the syndicate. He and Albi create a tentative kind of trust between them after Albi spares Stabler.”

“I thought that was some of the best acting that I did on the show,” said Jones, saying that Meloni “brings out the best acting [in you].”

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: One Detail Could Haunt Elliot Stabler

In a post on Reddit, “Law & Order: Organized Crime” fans noticed a little detail that could possible come back to haunt Stabler if he’s not careful.

A screengrab from the recent episode showed cameras all over Albi’s house, with Stabler in the house as well. “How did Albi not know Stabler had been there with Flutura that night?” the Reddit post asks. It’s possible Flutura turned the cameras off, or Albi just doesn’t check them unless he has to. But, there was a camera right behind Stabler that shows him clearly.

He’s had some “moments” with Flutura already, and maybe Albi knows, maybe he doesn’t. It seems like the syndicate arc has played out, so there may be no repercussions for Stabler’s actions. All done in the name of undercover work, of course. But, something tells me if Albi looks at those cameras and sees what Stabler was doing, it could mean big trouble. Stabler needs to seriously watch his back, even if the syndicate is behind bars. We already know there’s nothing Albi won’t do to protect himself; there’s fragile trust between him and Stabler, but once Stabler is revealed, what then?