‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Angela Wheatley’s Cover Will Soon Be Blown

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yep, we all know. Everyone who watched the final moments of Law & Order: Organized Crime and its last new episode saw that Angela Wheatley was faking.

Sure, she suffered from nerve poisoning through a hit ordered by her dastardly ex-husband, Richard Wheatley. But that was so last season. She looked very frail in the crossover episode with Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

But she’s fine and obviously trying to start some mess with her ex (Dylan McDermott) and/or Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni). So far, only daughter Dana knows the truth about Angela (Tamara Taylor).

That’s all about to change. Maybe we’ll see how it unfolds Thursday night when Law & Order: Organized Crime returns from its month-long holiday hiatus. Here’s the plot summary from NBC about Nemesis:  “When a notorious cybercriminal escapes a high-security prison, Stabler must team up with an unlikely informant. Kilbride takes Nova under his wing.”

There’s no mention of Angela or Wheatley, but they’ll be there, somehow, some way. And Taylor said that Angela’s ex-husband is about to find out that she’s fine, mentally and physically. It won’t be just Dana keeping her secret.

In This Law & Order: Organized Crime Plot Twist, It’s All About Protecting Family, But From Each Other

Taylor explained her character’s motivation in an interview with TV Insider.  It was “absolute self-preservation and to protect her family, her daughter specifically because if Richard knows that she is well, she’s a threat again unless she’s allied with him.”

The last new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime was called The Christmas Episode. This isn’t a spoiler alert, but the episode wasn’t very festive. Stabler’s son Eli met a pretty girl at a holiday gathering near the Hudson River. The two went to her apartment in New Jersey. Eli and the young woman tossed back some tequila. Each took a pill Eli had in his pocket.

In the next scene, Eli wakes up in his boxers on the couch. He’s alone. He finds the woman in her bedroom. And she’s dead. Eli runs away from the apartment and calls his dad. He has no memory of what happened. A local cop finds Eli looking as if he’s about to jump in the river. The cops call Stabler, who brings Olivia Benson.

With help from his Law & Order: Organized Crime crew, Stabler and Benson uncover some telling details. Eli didn’t kill the woman. Someone set up the crime to make it look like Eli did it. The real killer said he was hired via contract from Rikers. He was paid in crypto. It all points to Wheatley. But Wheatley tells Stabler that his daughter has control of this crypto. Now the cops are looking for Dana.

So then the cameras find Dana at Angela’s house. Who ordered the hit? And why would Angela want to target Stabler? After all, she’s still in love with him.

Taylor said of her character and Wheatley: “They kind of have to ally because they must make sure that Dana runs for cover and stays undercover so that she doesn’t get nabbed. So they have to kind of co-parent and I think at that point — how hilarious amidst all this they’re still co co-parenting — it just makes more sense for her to reveal to Richard where she’s really at.”