‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Boss Teases Stabler and Bernie Growing Closer

by Jacklyn Krol

Will Stabler and Bernie grow closer on Law & Order: Organized Crime?

Showrunner Ilene Chaiken teased to TV Line about their relationship in the future upcoming episode arch. When asked if the Stablers will be living in the apartment together, she confirmed that they will be.

Well, she certainly is for the moment,” she confirmed. “They’re going to grapple with it and figure out what makes sense. And if after all this time and a lot of water under the bridge, Bernie can actually become a part of Elliot’s life and family as she never was before.”

Meanwhile, Elliot and Eli will also have a storyline. She noted that Stabler returning home after his undercover work will be “significant” and “challenging.”

He will try to be a better father, to take responsibility,” she revealed. “He’s full of self-recrimination, and it’s not all undeserved, I would say.”

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Love Story

Meanwhile, fans have been rooting for Benson and Stabler getting together since Law & Order: Organized Crime’s inception. And even longer for people who have been a fan of SVU.

Showrunners, Wolf Entertainment executives, along with Meloni and Mariska Hargitay recently came together to discuss the characters’ future on the show. Warren Leight tweeted about the intimate dinner.

“I was shocked and delighted that Warren invited the world into our conversation,” she said with a laugh. “I mean, we had a conversation amongst ourselves that I won’t share with you, because I think it’s very personal. It was just, you know, ‘What do you imagine? What do you feel? What do you want?’ And it wasn’t just us asking Mariska and Chris, it was all of us talking and imagining these two people and just trying to dig deep and be real about it. And I love hearing from the fans and I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t have a little look to see how they responded to Warren.”

Luckily, their discussions went over well. They all apparently agreed on the general ideas of where they’d like to see Benson and Stabler go. But Outsiders can’t help to hope that a romantic relationship is on the horizon. After two seasons of Law & Order: Organized Crime and frequent crossovers between the series, it might not be out of the question. But she still didn’t hint at which way that they plan to take their “will they or won’t they” story.

It wasn’t as if we had, you know, extremes of difference,” she continued. “I mean, we all agree in principle, and we all have different thoughts about how it might treated as story. And that’s the fun of it and the fun of following out all of these ideas and seeing which ones feel the most worthy.”