‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Caroline Lagerfelt Reflects on Agnes’s Powerful First Lines

by Leanne Stahulak

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” star Caroline Lagerfelt opened up more about her character, Agnes, and the power she wielded this past episode.

We first met Agnes, who’s Reggie’s mother and Albi’s sister, in the Season 2 premiere episode. At first, she seems slightly timid and concerned with protecting her son, Reggie. But this past episode, she betrayed her son for the good of the “besa,” the Albanian code of honor.

In her last scene with Reggie, the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” character manages to surprise him with her betrayal when she speaks her first two words of the whole series. Agnes suffers from a speech impediment after being a victim of a shooting. So hearing these two clear, enunciated words changed the game for her character.

According to CinemaBlend, Reggie apologizes to his mother in this final scene because he thought he made her break besa. “I didn’t,” she says, clearly shocking him. What he doesn’t know is that she sent a court reporter to warn Albi and the others that the police were coming for them.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Caroline Lagerfelt Details How That One Speaking Scene Played Out

An interviewer with CinemaBlend told “Law & Orde: Organized Crime” star Caroline Lagerfelt how “powerful” those first words sounded.

“I know, wasn’t that?” Lagerfelt replied. “When I did it, I remember, we did it several different ways. We had me looking at him, we had me not looking at him. We had her saying it sort of in different ways.”

Lagerfelt commended the director and Dash Mihok, who plays Reggie, for helping her try a few different variations of the scene.

“I remember a couple of takes, I said it and I stayed sort of looking at him. I think it was Dash or the director, one of the two, who suggested ‘Why don’t you just go back to your magazine after you say that?’ And so I did. And I think that was just a killer moment,” Lagerfelt continued.

The “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star also gave us a sneak peek at something her character says in the next episode. Apparently, that’s the last time we’ll hear Agnes speak this season.

“There’s one other phrase that you’ll see in the next episode, which you can also sort of understand what I’m saying,” Lagerfelt revealed.

“There are only two sentences in the whole show, I think, that you understand what I’m saying. But they’re both very important ones, I think to her, so she makes a big effort to get them out clearly, and to overcome her embarrassment about her speech defect. And what her face looks like and her scar and all of that,” Lagerfelt concluded.

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” returns tonight on NBC at 10 p.m. EST.