‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Chris Meloni and Costars Are All ‘Fun and Games’ in New Pics

by Suzanne Halliburton

Christopher Meloni and his Law & Order: Organized Crime buddies were cutting up this week this week while filming the show. Or was it a bust?

The guy who plays Elliot Stabler posted on Instagram:

“Organized Crime, it’s not all fun and games except when it’s fun and games with Danielle Mone Truitt, Lolita Davidovich and Rebecca Perkins.”

That was the caption for a Meloni photo gallery. It looks like Law & Order: Organized Crime was shooting on a boat in the Hudson River. There’s Meloni posing next to the U.S. flag. Then he’s posing with a prop gun, while wearing funky pink heart glasses, a big fake ring on his pinkie and a crown that says “Brides Babe.” There’s a Meloni selfie with Davidovich, who plays Flutera Briscu, and one with Truitt, Stabler’s partner, Ayanna Bell.

Take a glance at the gallery. Do you think Meloni is offering clues to future plot twists?

Next Up for Law & Order: Organized Crime Is High Planes Grifter

First, there is no new episode tonight of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Same for Law & Order: SVU. It’s World Series week and a number of network shows are taking a breather from burning new episodes. Meanwhile, nearly 11 million people tuned into game one between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves.

You probably notice some key props in Meloni’s photos. Namely, Meloni is wearing his NYPD badge around his neck, so he’s not working as alter-mob-ego Eddie Wagner. And, he also has a gun while wearing his cop badge. Plus, he’s sporting a bullet-proof vest. There’s obviously a bust going down.

So, you think Stabler has the goods on Albanian mob boss Jon Kosta? Last week’s Law & Order: Organized Crime gave us a glimpse of how sadistic Kosta can be. After all, he abruptly cut out the tongue of one of his lieutenants, then pinned said tongue on his office wall. It all was a warning about what he’d do to snitches.

Then, he declared a blood feud and ordered a hit on Teddy Garcia, who is running for New York governor. He assigned Reggie to do the job. But a drunken Reggie managed to kill Garcia’s wife. Stabler found Garcia before Reggie could get to him. And although Stabler and Garcia raced to get to Garcia’s home, it was too late. His wife had answered the door, expecting a delivery driver.

In a tweet, the Law & Order: Organized Crime social media team pondered whether the task force was “running out of time.”

Judging by Meloni’s photos, it looks like some criminal will be busted. Or maybe Stabler busted up a bridal shower. Oops.

The next new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime is scheduled for Nov. 4. It’s called High Planes Grifter. Enjoy the sneak peak.