‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Chris Meloni ‘Only Smiling’ in New Pic Because It’s Costar’s Birthday

by Lauren Boisvert

We all know Chris Meloni as a stoic, yet deadpan funny man. He can be silly, but rarely do you see him smiling so broadly. He confirmed that fact earlier on Instagram with a hilarious caption on an Organized Crime group photo.

Meloni tagged Dylan McDermott and wrote, “I’m only smiling cuz it’s ur B Day. Have a great day and then come to play.” In the photo, Meloni beams along with his co-stars, McDermott in the middle. Today is McDermott’s 60th birthday, and he’s probably been swamped with messages and photos from friends, family, and fans alike.

Chris Meloni Thinks His ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Exit Was Unresolved

While promoting season 2 of Organized Crime, Chris Meloni touched on his departure from SVU, saying there was something “unresolved” about it.

“There’s a certain amount of familiarity because SVU has been on for so long certain amount of comfort so there’s comfort there,” he said. “Then I think there is a sense of being something being unresolved of how I left the SVU franchise.”

It’s true, a lot of fans were left baffled by his exit in 2011. Stabler was put on administrative leave because of reckless fatalities on his record between seasons 12 and 13. In reality, there was a dispute between Chris Meloni and the network about pay, and Meloni left the show.

Now, with Organized Crime crossing over with SVU, there’s a chance for Stabler to get back to his old stomping grounds. “I just feels natural to me,” Meloni said of crossing over. “I always like jumping onto the SVU squad and playing with Mariska and the new gang over there.”

How Does Stabler Change When He Goes Back to the SVU?

Chris Meloni continued, touching on the ways in which Stabler changes when he goes back to the SVU. Specifically, when he’s around Benson. “For me personally, Stabler gets to show a different side of himself. An old older past side is reflected in there because obviously, he has feelings for his ex-partner,” Meloni admitted. “I think it gives a new dynamic to that side of Stabler and then he has to get back to work on the OC and there’s a different side of him there.”

So, the crossovers give Stabler a chance to relive his time at the SVU and get cozy with Olivia Benson again. The two have been particularly close in these crossover episodes. Stabler gave Benson a letter outlining his feelings for her; they’ve been all touchy feely at Stabler’s house; Benson cares a lot about Stabler’s youngest son, Eli.

But, as we know, Dick Wolf loves the will-they-won’t-they dynamic. He believes the anticipation and the tension is the best part about Stabler and Benson’s relationship. And, you know what, as frustrating as it is that they’ve never kissed, I have to agree with him.