‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Could Kosta Take Down Reggie?

by Joe Rutland

Fans are amped up about “Law & Order: Organized Crime” right now with the storyline that involves Kosta, Reggie, and Stabler.

If you need a little breakdown here, Outsiders, then we will give you some info. Kosta is head of an Algerian mob and is played by Michael Raymond-James. Reggie Bogdani, Stabler’s boss as he’s undercover, is played by Dash Mihok. Oh yeah, Detective Elliot Stabler is played by Chris Meloni.

And Kosta’s underboss? None other than Vinnie James.

Now that the ground is laid out a bit, let’s turn our attention to this Reddit thread. It’s titled “Prediction: Costca is talking to Reggie not Elliot.” Yes, Outsiders, the Redditor misspelled Kosta’s name.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fan Thinks Kosta Is Going To Be Chatting With Reggie

Anyway, Feedingfrenzy91 writes, “In the recent promo, we see Costca saying something along the lines of “Convince me it wasn’t you.” Then they show Elliot turning around and I think it’s supposed to elude that he is talking to Elliot (aka Eddie). I however think they are trying to trick us.”

Feedingfrenzy91 believes that he’s really talking to Reggie. Of course, this may put Elliot in a weird position. The Redditor writes that Stabler might not want to blow his cover but doesn’t want Reggie to take the fall.

Get all that? We now turn to fuzzypipe39, who writes, “Kosta* will definitely have someone dead. I have a gut feeling that gun he took out on Eddie during the talk, it’ll be put to use for sure. I’m on the fence about Reggie. I feel bad for him in some aspects as Elliot does (not having a dad and seeing Eddie as his father figure etc).”

Might Reggie Take the Fall on Thursday Night? We’ll Just Have to Wait and See

Fuzzypipe39 believes that Reggie may very well be the one who pays the price. There also might be some regret on Stabler’s part for not getting Reggie arrested when he called Bell to let him go.

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” fans have some active imaginations. Who knows? Some of their guesses might come true.

Redditor lalapine writes, “Yeah, I feel like Reggie is going to take the fall. But then maybe the cops will get him on their side, maybe witness protection for him and his mom?”

In a reply, AbbiejeanKane writes, “I think that this is exactly what will happen. I hope so anyway. Maybe the test will be that “Eddie” kill Reggie, but Elliot will save him in return for him testifying against Costa.”

This Redditor also writes that Reggie will not want to do it. But there is no one to take care of his mother so he’s left with no choice.