‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Plays Beautiful Piano Tune in New Video

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dylan McDermott was at his charming best Wednesday, as the co-star of Law & Order: Organized Crime showed off his piano playing skills.

He recently started production for his upcoming story arc on Law & Order: Organized Crime. McDermott’s first episode back as villain Richard Wheatley is Dec. 9. But first, have a listen to McDermott playing the piano. He used no words, just the music, as his Instagram caption.

Mark Your Calendars: McDermott Returns to Law & Order: Organized Crime Next Month

McDermott has been teasing his next appearance on Law & Order: Organized Crime for the past few weeks. On Oct. 20, McDermott wrote: “I hope Chris Meloni is doing some extra push ups. Because I’m on my way…” Looks like Meloni won’t be the only “zaddy” on set.

And earlier this month, McDermott posted an on-the-job photo of himself. He was dressed as his character sitting in a jail cell. “Richard Wheatley returns Dec 9!,” McDermott wrote. “Are you ready for mayhem? It will be worth the wait.”

What’s OC without some white knuckled kind of mayhem? Christopher Meloni, as Elliot Stabler, always is in some sort of intense, life-threatening trouble. And there’s no break for Stabler, who became the lead of Law & Order: Organized Crime when the show premiered, April 1.

Dick Wolf, who created the show, previewed the second season, saying it would be divided into eight-episode arcs.

“The first third of the season is The Godfather,” Wolf said. “The second third is American Gangster. And the last third is Scarface.”

“And these villains are going to be really bad guys that give [Stabler] a constant source of energy, outrage, belief in justice and a different way of pursuing criminals than we’ve had before.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime gave us a glimpse of Wheatley, the handsome scoundrel, in the first episode of season two. That’s when fans learned that he’d been cooperating with the feds. And as a result, a bunch of charges were dropped. So he no longer faced money laundering, embezzlement, drug trafficking and assault.

However, he’s still facing murder charges, with police alleging he was responsible for the car bomb that killed Stabler’s wife, Kathy. He returned to Rikers to await trial as Stabler went undercover to investigate the Kosta Organization.

Stabler Prepped for Next Phase by Shaving His Beard

The last we saw of Stabler, he was staring into the mirror as he shaved off his goatee. He no longer needed to be his alter-ego Eddie Stabler. All the main Kosta mobsters are in jail. There was one giant arraignment to end episode eight.

Surprisingly, Jon Kosta was the first mob boss caught by NYPD. He tried to sneak off in an ambulance and was busted on his way to catch a boat.

Stabler and Bell also caught up with Flutera and used her to draw out husband, Albi Briscu, Kosta’s chief lieutenant. Albi gave himself up on a giant party boat as he tried to take his boyfriend hostage. He gave himself up to Stabler when he realized that Eddie Wagner never told anyone, including Flutera, that Albi was gay and led a secret life.

Who knows what the American Gangster story arc will reveal? Hurry up, Dec. 9!