‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Pops Up on Set Again

by Kati Michelle

We are less than two weeks away from Dylan McDermott’s return to the big “Law & Order: Organized Crime” screen. The two-hour-long special will take the form of an epic crossover on the night of December 9th, potentially bringing certain plotlines to a head. The first of these may involve the highly-anticipated (and highly teased) romance between Stabler and Benson. The other involves the fate of Mr. Richard Wheatley.

If McDermott’s Wheatley character were an animal, he would undoubtedly be a fox. He’s sly, he’s charming, and he’s dangerous, too. Always plotting, always three steps ahead. I guess you could also refer to him as a “silver fox” if that’s your prerogative. A Production Lead just shared a photo of him popping back up on the set that you’ll want to see for yourself.

Dylan McDermott Teases More Chaos From His Richard Wheatley Character

Here’s the photo that Ericka Silas, a Production Lead, shared from the set of “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” It shows Dylan McDermott in full-on Wheatley gear with a clapperboard in his lap. Well, that and a gun. She calls him “one of the BADDEST Gangstas on the scene” and an “absolute favorite.”

Check it out:

We know the cast often likes to goof off between takes to let off some steam, but it’s “all work, no play” here. Richard McDermott keeps a stone-cold expression channeling his best villain. And let’s put our focus back on that gun he’s holding.

Do we dare speculate about the potential ill-fates of our beloved squad? Dick Wolf wouldn’t really give us a two-hour special just to kill someone off, would he? Would he!? I’m just asking for a friend…

Let’s Not Forget About the Secondary ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Characters Either

We’ve seen the showrunners really flesh out Jet’s character since she was first introduced as a “tech whiz,” but we’ve only scratched the surface of her abilities. So, what does her future look like? She’s formally trained as a police officer/investigator and we’ve already seen her begin to dip her toes into that world.

Part of the reason behind that is the unique “Law & Order: Organized Crime” format. The spin-off tends to draw out character arcs and plotlines slightly longer than its “SVU” counterpart, which is a good thing. It means the show stands to keep giving us a deeper dive than we might have seen in the past.

As a strong proponent of the underdogs (Outsiders), it would be pretty cool to see Jet kick some Wheatley ass.