‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Puts Up With Chris Meloni’s Antics in Hysterical Pic

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

With a big Law & Order: Organized Crime story arc building, everyone’s favorite bad guy snapped a pic with their favorite detective. Richard Wheatley is back and Elliot Stabler will have to face him in court.

However, all that heavy drama aside, behind the scenes is even better. Dylan McDermott, who played Wheatley got a picture with Chris Meloni. As usual, when the cameras aren’t rolling, Meloni takes the time to act goofy. It looks like McDermott wanted to get a serious picture featuring his character. Dark, brooding, wearing an all-black suit.

If Meloni wasn’t in the background with his tongue sticking out, it might have turned out pretty good. Check out the pic below and see for yourself.

“This is what I have to put up with everyday,” McDermott said in the post. He tagged Meloni as well as Ilene Chaiken and the Law & Order account. The Law & Order: Organized Crime stars look like they’re enjoying their time on set.

By the time this story arc is done, perhaps Stabler will have Wheatley feeling just as annoyed. It is going to be a big case coming up. Stabler is going to go through a lot of emotions and Benson appears to be right there by his side. However, there is a former friend and familiar face making a return. They won’t be on the same side as the detective and will be defending the murderous gangster.

As Law & Order: Organized Crime continues this second season, there are a lot of questions. One of the biggest might be the Benson and Stabler relationship. However, this court case is going to have big ramifications. If he is able to get out of the charges it could break Stabler. Will there be some extrajudicial activity going on at some point?

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Tired of Being Teased

Ever since the early days of SVU, there have been fans hoping for a Stabler/Benson relationship. There have been tensions and moments, but it has never lined up. Now in the new season of Law & Order: Organized Crime, there have been some more teasers from writers and producers. Despite the interest, fans seem like they are tired of being teased.

The will they, won’t they of the entire relationship might be growing old. When fans discussed the upcoming crossover event, they noted the hand holding in a trailer. It is to the point where most fans don’t think anything is going to happen between the two friends and colleagues. Despite intimate moments, embraces, and obvious feelings for one another there is no sign of that progressing.

In a recent Reddit poll, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans largely voted that the hand-holding sneak peek likely wasn’t even Stabler and Benson. While I’m not so sure about that, it does seem like there is a feeling among fans this is a played-out trope at this point.