‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Elliot Stabler’s Undercover Identity Exposed

by Suzanne Halliburton

Elliot Stabler, it’s really time to worry about your life on Law & Order: Organized Crime. If your alias’ real-life son can figure it out, surely Jon Kosta can, too.

Plus, Stabler, with all those phone cameras around in the aftermath of Reggie’s political hit job gone so wrong, may get busted by social media.

And we know from seeing the Kosta crime meeting, the boss likes to cut out tongues and pin his prize on the office wall. Go figure, tongues are the new trophies.

So here’s what you might have missed on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is using the name Eddie Wagner as he goes undercover to bring down the Albanian mob. And when Jet (Ainsley Seiger) researched Wagner, she didn’t realize Eddie fathered a now-grown son. That son tracked down Wagner in Thursday’s episode. He was outside the diner as Flutera (Lolita Davidovitch) danced to Blondie’s Call Me.

Flutera told Stabler the story of how her father sold her to the Albanian syndicate when she was only 15. Albi, her now-husband, saved her from rape. We know that the Briscus have a marriage of convenience, but they do seem to love each other. Plus, Flutera says she protects her girls.

Stabler chases away the son. But he keeps coming back. Albi gives him a job at the gym because family is family.

Eddie’s Son Figured It Out on Law & Order: Organized Crime. How Soon for the Bad Guys?

By the end of the Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, Stabler finally gets the chance to talk with Lewis. “Look, not every kid needs to be like his father,” Stabler tells Eddie’s son. And Lewis answers: “Oh, I don’t want to be like my father. My father is a sociopathic ass. I don’t know who you really are, but I want to be like you.”

Will Lewis talk to Albi at the gym and reveal that key detail about Eddie Wagner? We know Flutera has been nosing around, asking about Eddie. Or is Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt) going to sweep in with a squad car to take Lewis somewhere safe.

Here’s another reason for worry: Stabler needed to get involved in the protection of Teddy Garcia, who is running for governor. Somehow, Garcia found out that the Albanian mob was connected to the sex trafficking ring that was raided the week before. He called out the mob in a speech. Kosta declared a blood feud and ordered Reggie to kill Garcia.

When Stabler realized the hit was going down, he met up with Garcia and drove to his home. But before Reggie could be stopped, he shot Garcia’s wife in the gut, leaving her dying on the porch. Stabler quickly walked away from the crowds. But did all those bystanders who pulled out phones catch a photo of him? Kosta admitted earlier in the episode that he watches the news. Does he check Twitter and Instagram, too? The NYPD quickly arrests Reggie as Stabler watches from afar. Kosta won’t tolerate the cops getting so close.

The next two episode is Nov. 4. So Law & Order: Organized Crime fans have an extra week to digest all this news and ponder how Stabler gets himself out of this Albanian mess.