‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Are Beginning to Question Angela Wheatley’s Motives

by Joe Rutland

Did you know that some fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime might be really on to Angela Wheatley after all?

She managed to show off some rather questionable moves when meeting up with Elliot Stabler on Thursday night’s episode on NBC. Stabler, of course, is played by Chris Meloni on the Dick Wolf spin-off into the Law & Order franchise.

Still, what came, later on, was even more eye-opening when she and Richard Wheatley, played by Dylan McDermott, ended up meeting with the bad guy from that episode. By the way, Tamara Taylor plays Angela on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Who in the world thinks that she’s on the right side of the law? Hardly.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fan Thinks Angela Is Much More Wicked

Anyway, there is a thread from fans on Reddit that puts this stuff on the table. They are questioning the motives of Angela Wheatley.

This thread is titled “Do you think Angela [SPOLIER].” Yes, there is a spoiler in here so get ready.

The fan writes do you think Angela “was behind running Oliva [sic, means Olivia] off the road. She might had [sic, means have] been jealous of Oliva [sic].”

One fan replies, “Yes, yes I do. Honestly, I think Angela may be behind more than Wheatley himself. Kind of interesting that Liv was run off the road right after Angela’s lawyer told her about who her ‘ex may be referring to’ (if I’m remembering correctly). I’m really starting to believe it WAS Angela who killed Kathy or at least had a bigger part in it than Richard. I know the running Liv off the road was written in to write in MH’s IRL injury, but the timeline works.”

Another Redditor Believes That Angela Also Could Be Behind Eli’s Framing

Oh boy. So, if Angela did kill Kathy, Stabler’s wife, then it would mean that Richard took the heat.

Another Redditor writes, “Definitely, but I still have some doubts. Brain says Angela, guts say McGrath.”

This Law & Order: Organized Crime fan writes, “Yep, and I’m wondering if she’s really behind Eli’s framing. Of course, the cryptocurrency led back to Dana but Angela could’ve been the mastermind behind it.”

There have been a lot of yes answers right here. But we do have a contrarian right here.

“No,” this Redditor begins. “I know everybody now thinks Angela is a criminal mastermind now because she faked her symptoms but I think she just understands Richard really well and is doing what she thinks will best protect her children and herself from his wrath.

“Richard’s a sociopath,” the L&O fan goes on. “He’s charming and funny and smart, but mostly he’s a sociopath. He may not have run Olivia off the road but I can’t really believe it was Angela either.”