‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Can’t Figure Out One Character’s Age

by Joe Rutland

Well, it looks like fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime are trying to discover what one character’s age is supposed to be.

Which one could it be on the NBC drama, starring Chris Meloni?

OK, so it is not Meloni’s Elliot Stabler. We will give you that one, Outsiders. Let us refer our attention to a Reddit thread titled “How old is Eli supposed to be?”

Fan Big-Can4033 kicks off this thread. The Redditor writes, “Just wondering if anyone has seen anything about how old they are saying Eli is these days. I know in the show he was born November 2007 which would mean he was still 13 at the start of Season 2 and probably in 8th grade. I know the actor is 18, but it seems like Eli is landing somewhere in the middle.”

This fan also writes that they know actors do play younger kids all the time. Additionally, the Redditor writes that it doesn’t feel like they are making him 13/14 anyway.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fan Replies To Debate About Eli

In reply to the fan’s question, “Anyway, does anyone know if they’ve said his age ever since OC started?” Fan skieurope12 writes, “They have not. I think they simply aged him up a couple of years like they did with Noah.” Big-Can4033 replies here, “Did they say Noah is older or are you just thinking because the actor is older the character is older too? Not arguing, just curious.”

Another Law & Order: Organized Crime fan, loneliestfalcon, writes, “i was literally gonna post this same question the other day haha. there’s no way he’s supposed to be 13-14 imo. the actor looks too old (late teens) and his behavior doesn’t really reflect that of someone who just graduated middle school. it literally breaks my immersion lol so i just assume he’s like 16. esp with the crossover episode. no woman would invite a 14 year old to their apartment because no 14 year old is gonna pass for someone of age [sic].”

Another Redditor says, “I thought Benson said something about Eli being 13 years old but maybe I have it confused with something else. Otherwise, no. Nothing has been said about his age.” Benson, obviously, refers to Sergeant Olivia Benson.

Answer About Character’s Age On Show May Still Be Mystery But We Know Who Actor Is

Finally, fan JLMMM writes, “The fandom wiki website says he was born Nov. 17, 2007, which means he’s 14 – just turned 14 before the crossover episode. So he would most likely be in 8th grade.”

Who plays Eli? Nicky Torchia plays Elliot “Eli” Stabler Jr., Elliot’s youngest son.

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