‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Go Crazy As Stabler Nearly Says ‘I Love You’ on Voicemail To Benson’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are dying at this latest revelation in the Benson-Stabler love story.

Yes, we said love story, although Benson doesn’t know it yet. (Or maybe she does). It’s all because Stabler (Christopher Meloni) deleted the voice mail he was leaving her.

Stabler was bummed about his latest snap in the case he’s trying to build against the Albanian mob. He’s working undercover, but he took a trip to his home. His son was there — Stabler tells him how proud he is of him. The son says his grandmother is cooking dinner. It’s a nice family scene. Stabler is months removed from losing his wife, Kathy, who died in a car bomb in the first-ever episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

And in Law & Order: Organized Crime TV time, he’s a week removed from bringing up the letter he wrote to Benson (Mariska Hargitay) his old partner on Law & Order: SVU. That’s the letter that mentioned how they’d be together in a “parallel universe.”

Stabler Was Feeling Very Sentimental In This Law & Order: Organized Crime Episode

Stabler was feeling really sentimental as he walked into his old bedroom, the one he shared with his wife. He takes out his old SVU detective badge. There’s a photo of him and his wife. Then he walks outside to the garden, sits on a bench and pulls out his phone.

Unlike last week, when he was loopy after being drugged, Stabler was stone-cold sober. We don’t know who he dialed until he started to leave a voice mail.

“Hey Liv, it’s me,” Stabler said, calling Benson by her nickname. “Wish you were there.

“I’m just calling to say.” Stabler pauses for several seconds, ” I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me .. for the kids. You’ve been my rock. … And when I said “I love you.”

Wait, what, when did he say this? And just as he was about to finish his thought, he ran out of voice mail time. The prompt comes on and says to hit one if he’d like to keep the message, two to rerecord, three to review it.

Stabler, as most men do, hung up the phone. He called Liv back and the phone goes straight to voice mail. He hears her voice mail message, then hangs up the phone.

That one line deleted voice mail rocked the world of Law & Order: Organized Crime fans.

One fan tweeted: I am not OK. I need to rewind that scene. I think I blacked out after ‘hey liv, it’s me.”

You can take a look at this key Law & Order: Organized Crime scene. What do you think?

Other fans reacted just like you think they would.

“OMG let Elliot finish the message. Arggggg #OC #LawAndOrderOC #OrganizedCrime.”

Or “OK way back to the voicemail, am I crazy or did that sound like a man completely in love and not making any secret up to? Was that just me? I mean I have to watch it 10,000 more times but just on a first pass.”

Us, too.