‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Discuss One Character Who Just Won’t Go Away

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Law & Order: Organized Crime has really leaned into the Richard Wheatley storyline and there are some fans that don’t like it.

While Dylan McDermott is fantastic as Wheatley, there are some that don’t feel the storyline should continue. As it stands right now, Wheatley is starting to become more of a comic book villain. He is on a rampage in the city that only Elliot Stabler feels confident enough to tackle. No one else seems to have caught onto the mob boss.

That’s exactly what one user on Reddit has an issue with. Law & Order: Organized Crime fan u/ajdoppler took to the message board.

“I was so excited for Elliot to be back. The first season was fine enough. But this second season, ugh, I can’t. The premise is good enough, but when the heck does Wheatley or however you spell it go away?! It seems absurd to me that Elliot is the only one questioning his motives and loyalty. And no one is watching his family, after everything? Dumb. I can’t get on board with this. Anyone with me?” they asked.

In the replies, there were plenty of other takes and opinions. Fans have a lot of feelings about Wheatley and the show.

“They screwed themselves by having someone like McDermott play Wheatley. He’s too good to throw away so now they gotta contrive storylines to keep him on the show. At least that’s my take,” u/Buddyglassy said.

Another reply said, “I think [Law & Order: Organized Crime] is really, really good when it’s pretending Wheatley doesn’t exist. The first half of this season with the Albanians was f–king great.”

So, maybe just a little less Wheatley? Perhaps a conclusion that fans can all enjoy that does the character justice? Who knows what’s next.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Wheatley Gets Revenge

So, Richard Wheatley is clearly a menace. He has avoided scrutiny despite overwhelming evidence, keeps snaking his way back into the thick of things, and now has a team around him. The son of a former mafia boss knows how to make things interesting on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Right now, Stabler is running wild trying to stop Wheatley. He has a hacker in his back pocket and appears to be building a team-up. The chaos he caused in the last episode is only going to keep going until someone finally stops him.

For Wheatley, this is all about revenge. He wants to make Stabler pay for what he has done to the criminal. So, he paid a visit to Stabler’s house. Saw his mom, and made a very veiled threat when he was found out. Law & Order: Organized Crime fans that aren’t so thrilled by the storyline will just have to wait. There is more to this rivalry than anyone has seen up to this point.