‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Realize One Character Also Starred in ‘SVU’

by Amy Myers

Eagle-eyed Law & Order fans have made a surprising connection between the SVU and Organized Crime series. The actor who portrayed Jon Kosta, Michael Raymond-James, on Organized Crime also portrayed Eddie Skinner on Elliott Stabler’s last season of SVU.

Back when Elliott Stabler (Christopher Meloni) was working beside his beau, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), the detective’s case involved a rape victim that was going to testify. Unfortunately, never made it to the trial, as Eddie would shoot and kill her. Now, the Law & Order: SVU actor reappeared in Organized Crime s Albanian mob boss Jon Kosta.

Ultra fans made this connection after racking their brains trying to remember where they’ve seen Raymond-James’ face before. Once they figured it out, they took to Reddit to share their discovery.

“That the guy playing John Kosta this season is the same guy who played that bum loser who killed the mother of the girl Stabler ended up killing his last episode on SVU?” the author of the post wrote.

Other fans were quick to respond, glad that, finally, they knew why Kosta looked so familiar.

“I knew he looked familiar but I couldn’t place him in anything until I did a rewatch about a month ago and went” ‘hey i know you!’ LOL,” the author of the post continued.

“i only noticed when i rewatched the episode of SVU a few months ago,” another fan shared. “at first i didnt notice it but then when he was in the interrogation room i was thinking that guy looks like kosta and i googled it. he is a really good actor.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Talk Celebrity Cameos

Meanwhile, other. Law & Order: SVU fans on Reddit wanted to see just how many celebrities they remember seeing on the show, and from the responses, the list is pretty impressive.

“My wife and I have an inside joke that an actor hasn’t made it until they’ve had a cameo on SVU. We’ve recently seen Michael Rooker and Shohreh Aghdashloo,” the fan wrote. “Who have you seen that’s made it?”

One fan responded with a pretty solid rule of thumb: “When you see a star, they’re the perp.”

Others followed up with their own celebrity cameo spottings on Law & Order: SVU, including “Monica Raymund, Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger in old SVU episodes.”

Without having to cheat using a search engine, another dedicated fan remembered seeing these celebrities:

“Cynthia Nixon
The guy who played Zach Morris
Katherine Moennig
Hillary Duff
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Hayden Panettiere
Marcia Gay Harden
Jane Krakowski (one of my favorites)
Martin Short.”

And likely, this isn’t even half the list of all the big names to make an appearance in the franchise, let alone just the show.