‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans ‘Stomach Dropped’ During an Intense Scene

by Megan Molseed

Since Law & Order: Organized Crime first premiered on NBC last fall, fans were immediately hooked.

The newest addition to the Law & Order franchise, OC is certainly not pulling any punches.

The popular series is only in its second season and fans have already seen the murder of Elliot Stabler’s wife; Elliot Stabler and the organized crime unit’s takedown of a prolific mobster; and Stabler going deep, deep undercover as an Albanian mobster.

And, the popular show doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime, either.

“The way my stomach dropped and my heart pounded when Eddie had to call Maldonado,” one Redditor wrote about the most recent Law & Order: Organized Crime episode.

“I had to pause and ask myself if I can physically handle watching this show lol,” the poster continues. “It is so intense but I’m hooked.”

“You know a show is good when logically you know Stabler isn’t in trouble at all because he’s the main star but still feel scared for him anyway,” one Redditor agrees in the OC thread.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Gives Fans A Incredibly Tense Moment

During last week’s episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime Elliot Stabler was still working undercover. He was posing as Eddie Wagner in order to infiltrate a deadly mob.

The OC detective was also in the process of testifying in front of a grand jury in order to gain permission for further action against the mob.

The leader of the Albanian mob, Kosta, begins to get suspicious as he tries to get ahold of Elliot Stabler’s Eddie while the detective is testifying for the grand jury.

When explaining his absence to Kosta, Elliot Stabler – as Eddie – says that he was away working on another smaller job.

Kosta, of course, asks about this job and Stabler says that it was a job for a man named Maldonado.

Now, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans know that Maldonado is a detective working with Stabler in the Organized Crime offices. But Kosta doesn’t know this, so he has Stabler call Maldonado to prove his alibi.

As the phone rings, fans were going crazy.

We all know Maldonado would never intentionally blow stabler’s Eddie Wagner cover, but how would he know that the detective was on the job when he called?

Thankfully, Maldonado somehow knew exactly what to do and he answered the phone addressing Stabler by his undercover identity, Eddie.

“I keep thinking how much longer until his “main character luck” runs out,” joked one Reddit user in the recent thread of Elliot Stabler’s heartstopping close call.

“Yea my heart stopped for a moment,” another user wrote in the post.

Law & Order: Organized Crime will premiere a new episode Thursday at 9 PM CT on NBC.