‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Have Thoughts on Which Elliot Stabler Look They Prefer

by Anna Dunn

Some Law & Order: Organized Crime fans have thoughts on what Elliot Stabler look is the best. In the recent undercover plot, Stabler had to seriously change up his look from clean cut to very rugged looking, with a big goatee. So where did fans land. Did they prefer the clean shaven Stabler to the Bald-headed stabler with a goatee?

In a new Reddit thread called “Which Stabler look did you prefer: clean shaven or bald head & goatee?” fans discussed his two looks and voted on a poll.

“Since his return, which look do you prefer on Stabler: the clean shaven look during the first season of OC or the bald head & goatee look of this second season of Organized Crime?” the original creator of the thread wrote.

The poll isn’t closed yet, but fans aren’t hesitating to discuss.

“I’m team “middle ground.”” one fan wrote. “Hair and stubble/scruff.”

“Oh no contest. Clean shaven. Let’s don’t be hiding that face,” another fan wrote.

Another fan feels like this look, on top of how he’s been acting lately, just isn’t him.

“Bald and beautiful. To be honest, that look is what makes Stabler, well, Stabler. It’ll be nice to have him strip away the scruffly falsehoods of who he was portraying and rise from the ashes to reemerge as who he was always meant to be. That, and he seriously needs some help.. Get. Help. Stabler,” the concerned fan wrote.

Another Law & Order: Organized Crime fan agreed. While they enjoy the look, it’s just not classic Stabler.

“I have very much enjoyed the bald head and goatee, I liked it a lot. But, for the character of Stabler, he needs clean shaven or stubble, not the beard/goatee,” they agreed.

Fans of the Clean Shaven Look are in for a Treat

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans who like the clean shave can rejoice. It looks like Stabler is about to shave the beard as the undercover arc nears its end. His cover’s been officially blown, and fans are worried about what’s next for him as he’s seriously spiraled in season 2.

Dick Wolf, creator of Law & Order and its spinoffs, has said that this season will feature three eight episode arcs. Considering the fact that they’re seven episodes deep with this undercover mission, Elliot’s time trying to bust the crime syndicate is coming to an end.

A lot of fans will be thankful for that, and not just because of the beard. Fans have noted that Elliot’s been very different since going under cover. While some fans are hooked, others aren’t really loving the new plot line.

If you want to catch the final episode of this Law & Order: Organized Crime arc and say goodbye to Elliot’s beard, you can tune in to the show on Thursday night at 10/9 central right after a new episode of Law & Order: SVU.