‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Are Torn on Whether To Feel Bad for Reggie

by John Jamison

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are falling into the same trap they worried Stabler himself would encounter. They’re growing a conscience for Albanian gangster Reggie Bogdani. To the show’s credit, Dick Wolf and company have done a great job of creating a sympathetic character. Then he goes and does something like trying to bite a guy’s ear off and, well, it’s kind of hard to root for that.

That hasn’t kept Law & Order: Organized Crime fans from trying to find a place in their hearts for the hardened criminal.

Many have taken to Reddit over the week-long break between new episodes to discuss the state of the show. One fan pointed out how they couldn’t help but feel bad for Reggie.

“OMGOSH. I haven’t felt this bad for a bad guy since criminal minds!!!” they wrote. The rest of the thread is basically composed of people trying to justify their soft spot for this person responsible for and capable of doing horrible things.

“I start to feel bad for him then remember when he bit that guy’s ear off, and I’m like …. Yeah better off lol,” babyblue789 replied to the post.

“I’m kinda hoping that he’s going to find out that Eddie is the rat. And that they will try to make a deal with him to turn on Kosta, and that will ultimately help his mom,” adds ButterscotchPast4812.

What is it with all the Reggie Bogdani love among Law & Order: Organized Crime fans? Well, it’s not quite an excuse, but Reggie clearly doesn’t take pleasure in the majority of his crimes. He follows orders because he wants to feel like he belongs to a family and no longer has a father in his life. Add to that Reggie’s mom, and it’s hard not to root for the guy.

Elliot Stabler’s Undercover Arc with the Albanian Mob May Be Ending on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Heading into Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Dick Wolf made it abundantly clear that the action would span multiple storylines. Thus far, we’ve dealt almost exclusively with Elliot Stabler’s (Chris Meloni) undercover work as Eddie Wagner with the Albanians.

He’s had a few close calls, but based on the promo NBC shared recently, it looks like the Organized Crime Unit nearly has everything they need to bring Jon Kosta and his Albanian crime family to justice.

“We’re almost where we need to be to bring them down. They’re suspicious and looking for Reggie,” said Stabler.

Unfortunately for Reggie, it seems his path has led to the point of no return. He shot Teddy Garcia’s wife on the orders of Jon Kosta and now is in police custody. Will he help them bring down the family for the sake of his mom? Or will he keep his mouth shut?