‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Full Recap of Season 2, Episode 10 ‘Nemesis’

by Joe Rutland

Well, it appears that Stabler and Wheatley meet again as this new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime aired on Thursday.

But it is not in the way you might expect, Outsiders.

Let’s look at Season 2, Episode 10 titled Nemesis with some help from TV Line.

An imprisoned hacker breaks himself and four fellow inmates out of jail, so we have a plot already set up.

The NBC police drama’s winter premiere tackles the case of Sebastian McClane. He is a hacktivist who erases student debt and cyber-breaks into the Federal Reserve. Nice work if you can get it for a potential criminal.

Bell and Stabler get McClane’s old partner. That person claims to be McClane-free for five years. Uh-huh. Next scene, that partner gives McClane a getaway car. Bell and Stabler pursue, so McClane ditches the self-driving car and gets away.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Has Wheatley Pop Up At Interesting Time

Sloot finds out that the code used in the prison breakout doesn’t match McClane’s. On Law & Order: Organized Crime, Stabler and Bell ask her to enlist Malachi’s help. Sgt. Brewster says OC will work with the FBI’s top ace for hacking stuff.

Then, Richard Wheatley appears. Is Stabler happy? No. He goes along with it, bringing Wheatley into the office to work with Jet and Malachi. Stabler then meets a hobbling-with-a-cane-for-show Angela.

They meet for coffee on Law & Order: Organized Crime to discuss what Wheatley’s been up to lately. Angela is upset because NYPD isn’t paying for her protection anymore. Stabler brings up McClane’s name and Angela looks like she might know it but stays cool.

Stabler ain’t no dummy and he’s on to her gig. Elliot warns her to be careful of Richard. But she makes a quick move to nab a water glass before it falls. Yeah, quick actions for a hobbling woman. Sure.

Hacker Apparently Has Company When It Comes To Being In On Action

Jet and Malachi, with Wheatley helping, get into contact with Czernobog, aka the hacktivist collective McClane co-founded.

Czernobog wants a lot of money in cryptocurrency or more inmates from prisons will be released all over the place. Wheatley says he’ll pay the fee, saying his crypto will trigger an alert when it’s converted to cash — and that happens seconds later, at an ATM in Queens.

Yet the hacker is simply following a plan already set out and, yeah, Wheatley is in on it.

“Man starts fire, man takes credit for putting it out,” he says wryly. Then we see, at an undisclosed location, Richard and Angela welcome Sebastian to dinner. Business is about to pick up here on Law & Order: Organized Crime.