‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: NBC Shouts Out the ‘Sassiest Detective in NYC’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime is hyping the confrontation between Stabler and Wheatley in tonight’s episode. It’s a running theme, giving the hour such a fun, devious undercurrent.

But NBC doesn’t want you to forget about another detective, Jet Slootmaekers. Or call her Sloot. NBC dubbed her “the sassiest detective in NYC.” The photos accompanying said tweet show lots of Sloot eye rolls.

And in the social media post, NBC highlighted a recent tweet from Ainsley Seiger, who portrays Sloot. Back on Jan. 6, Seiger tweeted “my face was genetically engineered in a lab to eye roll. I’m sorry, I have no choice.”

Yes, We’ll Probably See Sloot’s Side Eye in Tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime

Sloot has a prominent role in this middle story arc of Law & Order: Organized Crime season two. That’s because Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) is using a super hacker to help him accomplish one of his yet-to-be-revealed criminal goals. Wheatley helped break Sebastian McClane (Robin Lord Taylor) out of prison. McClane, who goes by the online name Constantine, possibly is the best hacker in the country, if not the world. Fellow hackers worship his brilliance and have even contributed to the chaos after he escaped prison.

So enter Sloot. She’s an online ace, too. The Law & Order: Organized Crime team uses her skills to bust the bad guys. At times, she has to work with ethically-challenged Malachi Mintock. The fellow online whiz is crushing on Sloot. And most of her eye rolls are directed his way.

Currently, she also has to work with Wheatley, who snowed the FBI and the OC unit into thinking he’s a digital genius. (Stabler doesn’t buy it and it appears Sloot doesn’t, either.). He’s giving the appearance that he’s trying to help find McClane. Meanwhile, Wheatley was responsible for breaking Constantine out of prison. At the end of last week’s episode, Constantine agreed to help him, mostly at Angela Wheatley’s urging. McClane and Wheatley blast off in a helicopter as the city loses power. Stabler and Bell were on their tails, but couldn’t get the two before they boarded the helicopter.

So tonight’s episode As Iago Is to Othello picks up where last Thursday’s As Nottingham Was to Robin Hood left off.

What’s In Store for Stabler/Wheatley? And Yes, Sloot

Here’s the NBC summary tease for tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime. “Stabler asks Bell to have his back when they’re called in to defend their actions. Jet and Malachi work together to pin down Wheatley. Cho and Maldonado go undercover to watch Angela.”

Most of tonight’s episode will be Stabler-Wheatley based. From the teases, we know that Stabler goes out to dinner with Angela, Wheatley’s ex. He tries to make it appear as if it’s a romantic date. The couple sit in front of a window. Stabler strokes Angela’s hand. And Angela is confused. Stabler tells her: “I thought I’d pretend to be in love with you.” Wheatley was watching through the window.

Later in the episode, Stabler and Wheatley get in a fight in an elevator. As Stabler head butts Wheatley in the face, he whispers “I had your wife.”

So check out tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime for the action between Wheatley and Stabler as well as the sassy Sloot eye rolls.