‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: One Character Is Becoming a Quick Fan-Favorite

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Law & Order: Organized Crime will thankfully return once the new year arrives. However, fans are talking online.

What makes season 2 of OC so much better than season 1 is the fact we get more episodes. The first season was limited to 10 episodes as the network tested the waters. Now, with a full season typical of Law & Order series in the past, we get so much more.

That includes getting to know Jet Slootmaekers the young, tech-savvy detective. Portrayed by 23-year-old Ainsley Singer, she is by far the youngest team member on the Law & Order: Organized Crime team. She has also become a fan-favorite this season.

On Reddit, u/SilvioDante1992 said, “Low key she is becoming one of my favorite characters. I really like how she’s that one younger cop in the squad who is so innovative and an expert with technology.”

Others were quick to agree with u/PocoChanel saying, “A strong-willed introvert is a character we don’t see very often. Especially when it’s a woman. She’s great. Not that the show’s about making role models, but I wish I’d seen characters like her on TV when I was younger.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are infatuated with the character.

Jet Has Interesting Storyline

One of the reasons OC fans have quickly attached to Jet might be her interesting storyline with Adam Mintock. The romantic interest was actually a suspect that she arrested in the past. Adam is interested in Jet and it is clear she has feelings for him. However, with his criminal history, there’s just no way she can trust him.

Otherwise, she doesn’t show much emotion. However, fans love the storyline between the star-crossed lovers.

“I also thought the mini car where she arrests Adam Mintock was interesting,” Silvio said in the original post. “Mintock clearly had a huge crush on Jet despite being arrested by her. They definitely had good chemistry in the scenes they had together.”

Fans just want to get to know her more.

“Jet is awesome and a different kind of character that we really haven’t seen on [Law & Order: Organized Crime],” u/ButterscotchPast4812 replied. “Would love to see more character backstory and development on [Jet].”

Ainsley Seiger and her character have caught on this season. In her first television series role, she has been impressive so far.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Young Tech Expert

Jet isn’t just a regular detective. Her role as the tech expert in the squad makes her invaluable. When it comes to computers and smartphones she can get into just about anything, trace calls, and answer questions that Stabler and others might have.

Also, with her youth, she can go undercover and just look like a typical young person. That has come in handy in the past. She doesn’t look like a typical NYPD detective. Law & Order: Organized Crime fans absolutely love seeing Jet get involved on the show.