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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Recap for As Iago Is to Othello

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Damn, Elliot Stabler offered up his badge at the end of Law & Order: Organized Crime Thursday night. And fans need to wait five weeks to find out if he’s right or wrong to do so.

Sorry to give up the ending on a recap so soon, but, trust us, the best part of this Law & Order: Organized Crime episode wasn’t the intense ending. It was all the breath-taking details leading up to Stabler’s meeting with a psychologist to see whether he truly is obsessed with Richard Wheatley.

So let’s crunch what happened in As Iago is to Othello. We’ll get this out of the way first. Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler is obsessed with Dylan McDermott’s Richard Wheatley. And vice versa. They both have reasons to be. Meloni and McDermott are carrying on a bromance off-screen, but on screen, these two alpha dudes hate each other.

As the episode opened, Stabler and Bell figure out that Wheatley and Constantine, his new accomplice, probably hacked into a federal financial warehouse. When the power went out in part of NYC last week, the financial system was left vulnerable for up to 15 minutes. But the feds believed there was no way that Wheatley could take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, Stabler and Bell discover that the apartment above Angela Wheatley’s was vacant. So they received a warrant to allow Maldonado and Cho to go undercover as a married couple to keep tabs on Wheatley coming in and out of his ex-wife’s apartment. And the warrant also was there to see if they could gather intel on Sebastian McClane, aka Constantine the super hacker.

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Law & Order: Organized Crime Team Goes Undercover at Angela’s Apartment

Via surveillance, the team discovered that Wheatley definitely is jealous and obsessive over his ex-wife. He wants her back. And he doesn’t want her seeing anyone else. In fact, Wheatley put a knife to her throat. In this case, he was warning her off McClane.

The Law & Order: Organized Crime team planted a laptop in Angela’s apartment. And Wheatley figured out the password. He saw a photo of a shirtless Stabler, saying “looking forward.”

Meanwhile, on Stabler’s side of town, a new man knocked on his door looking for Bernie, his mother. This new man brought flowers to Bernie. He was a neighbor of the Stabler family but hadn’t lived in the building long. Yes. he definitely was sweet on Stabler’s mamma. (Spoiler alert, the man was hired by Wheatley).

Stabler and Angela went out for dinner that night. He was at the restaurant waiting on her and the table he picked was in front of the window. Yes, he told her he was pretending to be in love with her, but he wanted to warn her about her ex. Of course, Wheatley was watching from afar, as his obsession hit a new high.

Yes, There Was a Huge Elevator Fight. Stabler Stood Up for His Wife

The stock market opened the next day in chaos. Constantine and Wheatley manipulated it with all the info that they picked up from the hack of the financial storage system. Sloot and Malachi tried to figure out all the personal information on Wheatley to find a way to crack the code he used. And Sloot made it work by typing in a short series of numbers. What was the code? The date Wheatley killed Stabler’s wife Kathy.

So you probably saw the NBC tease for this Law & Order: Organized Crime episode. Stabler and Wheatley got into a huge fight into an elevator. Stabler head-butted Wheatley in the face as he told him “I had your wife.” He even pulled out a pair of black panties to prove it. He kept beating Wheatley and asked him “where do you live.” Wheatley replied: “Inside your head.”

Bell got Stabler to stop. Earlier in the episode, she’d been roped into a meeting with Gov Garcia and Congressman Kilbride, who worried that Stabler was too obsessed with Wheatley. Now, she wondered as well and sent him for a psych evaluation. Yes, Stabler was obsessed. But there was a reason. Wheatley and McClane stole $700 million from the markets.

Give him two days, Stabler said, and he’ll prove it all. Besides, Constantine left a digital trial to what he did to the system, so all those transactions trace back to Wheatley.

The next new Law & Order: Organized Crime new episode is Feb. 24. So let’s start the Stabler countdown to taking down Wheatley.