‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Reveals New Details About Explosive Last Episode

by John Jamison

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie. What are we going to do with you? The most recent episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime titled “High Planes Grifter,” saw Dash Mihok’s Reggie Bogdani character testify before a grand jury. It also saw his own mother sell him out. Let’s just say things got cranked up a notch last Thursday.

As Law & Order: Organized Crime fans know, Reggie is in a tough spot. Kosta and Albi instructed him to kill Teddy Garcia, a candidate for governor. Instead, Reggie ended up murdering his wife, and the police took him into custody.

Reggie found himself between a jail cell wall and a determined Elliot Stabler on the most recent episode—not a place any criminal wants to be. Things really took an interesting turn after a rollercoaster of emotions that saw Stabler reveal himself as Eddie Wagner to Reggie and Reggie reuniting with his mother, Agnes.

Caroline Lagerfelt’s Agnes Bogdani character found herself siding with the Kosta Organization over her own son. On the surface, it looked like she sold Reggie out. But according to Lagerfelt, it’s not that clear cut. She talked to Give Me My Remote about how her seemingly heartless act was for the sake of both her Albanian honor and her son.

“I feel that she had definitely conflicting problems, but I think that she’s probably one of the smartest members of the family that’s been through it all,” said Lagerfelt. “And I think that she is just working for time, trying to figure out what she can do; I think she’s looking for a way out for them.”

Agnes understood that Reggie had made his choice and that he would be safe in witness protection. On the other hand, she had to warn Flutura, her sister, of the family’s takedown.

The Kosta Organization is No More on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime,’ But Don’t Underestimate ‘Besa’

Caroline Lagerfelt’s character on Law & Order: Organized Crime understands that Kosta won’t be around anymore. But just because the crime is family is breaking up, doesn’t mean her Albanian code of honor, referred to as “Besa,” is any less binding.

“And she won’t be able to see her son again, but he’ll be safe. And she will have saved her family. And she’ll have saved Besa…it’s more than just a code of silence. It’s more like a word of honor. It’s an oath. It’s faith, you know? And she saw what happened when her husband broke it: he got his head blown off,” said Lagerfelt.

She tried her best to stay true to her oath while doing what she thought was best for her son.

“But I think all along she’s trying to work both ends against the middle: tried to warn her brother and the organization, and at the same time to save her son. I think her love for her son is fierce,” Lagerfelt finished.