‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Robin Lord Taylor Talks McClane’s Connection to Angela Wheatley

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans know all about the devious yet good-hearted hacker Sebastian McClane. Lately, he’s been mingling with Richard and Angela Wheatley. The guest star’s plot currently finds him trying to stay ahead of Detective Stabler. To do so, he’s been spending a lot of time working with Richard. Of course, that means he often comes into contact with Wheatley’s ex-wife, Angela. While McClane doesn’t trust Wheatley at all, he and Angela share something of a special bond.

During an interview with TV Insider, Robin Lord Taylor talks more about his character and his relationship with Angela. As we know, Angela has been in the crosshairs of her ex-husband, Richard. He even went so far as to try to murder her by injecting her with poison. Since then, Angela has become more of a vulnerable character. How much of Angela and Richard’s backstory does McClane know?

“He’s done his homework. He knows about Angela,” Robin Lord Taylor told TV Insider. “As we know, as watchers of the show, Angela Wheatley is also a good person. She’s a good person, who’s, again, found herself in a really terrible place really due to no fault of her own, just being a human and making mistakes. And then here she is kind of stuck with this man who is a sociopath, who is just one of the most evil people in the world. That’s sort of part of that connection that McClane and Angela have. They gotta get around this guy if they have any chance to survive.”

Angela and Sebastian Both Use Richard For Their Own Purposes

It might seem like Sebastian McClane is at the mercy of crime boss Richard Wheatley, but that’s not the case. While trying to stay ahead of Detective Stabler, the two are playing their own game as well. So far, Wheatley has made good on his promises to McClane – after all, he did break him out of jail. But still, McClane feels like Wheatley can’t be trusted. Their relationship is symbiotic at this point because they’re both using the other to stay ahead of Stabler.

Not to mention, Wheatley is a sociopath. McClane and Angela are well aware of this and have to navigate this tricky person just to stay alive. Both of them are good people deep-down and have a hard time being around Wheatley because of their moral differences. Even though their moral differences are huge, McClane is using that to his advantage. “So now he’s sort of stuck working for this person that he maybe not necessarily agrees with on any sort of moral level,” Taylor said. But then at the same time, there are loose ends that he wants to tie up since he was imprisoned. So, he is also using Wheatley, so it’s a really fun dance that they’re doing in the next episode.”