‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Showrunner Ilene Chaiken Opens Up About Upcoming Crossover

by Kati Michelle

Just 5 days stand between us and the major Dick Wolf Productions crossover event between “Law & Order: Organized Crime” and “Law & Order: SVU” on December 9th. Fans are scrambling to gather any last-minute clues they can surrounding the fate of their beloved characters and the possibility of seeing some familiar faces from past seasons. Who better to delve into that conversation than showrunner Ilene Chaiken?

Though the two shows keep separate writing staff, Ilene Chaiken says they all worked together for the upcoming “People vs. Richard Wheatley” special. “They collaborated on our hour, we collaborated on their hour,” the “Organized Crime” boss says. “We were telling a story that truly is a crossover. And we both shared ideas and respected one another’s mythology if you will.”

And that’s not the only thing she revealed.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Showrunner Talks About Richard Wheatley’s Continued Reign of Terror

During a recent interview, Ilene Chaiken teased fans by saying that Wheatley’s character has “been very well-behaved” since the last time we saw him. She followed that by saying, “I’m sure that you’ll feel when you see him that he’s a completely redeemed man.”

She paused just enough for all the eye rolls before getting down to business.

Talking strictly professionally, Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler and Mariska Hargitays’ Olivia Benson appear to be on the same page. They’ve pinned Benson’s car accident and hospital scare on Richard Wheatley, but haven’t been able to pinpoint what his next move might be. When asked if they are in any danger, the showrunner says:

“I’m not going to answer too explicitly, because I think that that would be spoilers, but know that we get into it,” Chaiken teases. “I would say more in the first hour than in the second, but it’s definitely there. It’s present throughout. And you’ll begin to see how Wheatley is proceeding with his nefarious plan.”

Enough Business Let’s Talk Romance

Stabler and Benson are good cops. That’s just a given by now. Their romance on the other hand? Needs some work. Fans can’t take any more teasing in that regard and have anxiously awaited to see whether or not the crossover event finally sees the two of them together. Now, thanks to Ilene Chaiken, we have some answers.

The showrunner says that the crossover event will mark a big step in their relationship.

“They’re very busy cops who have a lot of other very urgent things on their plates that [has kept] them away from one another and from having these conversations [before],” she previews. “But the truth is that they will have those conversations. Like I keep saying, we’re really determined not to be coy about it and to just really let them grow.”