‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Showrunner Ilene Chaiken Teases Stabler and Benson’s Heart to Heart

by Michael Freeman

A few weeks ago, the official Law & Order Twitter posted a brief clip for the Organized Crime crossover. While it was exciting enough to see Wheatley return, what really riled fans up involved watching Benson and Stabler hold hands at one point. Capitalizing on the excitement, a showrunner teased what’s to come concerning the duo’s heart to heart.

Give Me My Remote spoke to Organized Crime showrunner Ilene Chaiken about the huge crossover episode debuting soon. While specifics involving characters like Wheatley and Kathy Stabler’s murder were brought up, a big conversation topic revolves around Benson and Stabler’s relationship. Chaiken still remained vague about the subject, teasing what’s to come without getting too specific.

“They’re very busy cops who have a lot of other very urgent things on their plates that [has kept] them away from one another and from having these conversations [before],” Chaiken told the outlet. “But the truth is that they will have those conversations. Like I keep saying, we’re really determined not to be coy about it and to just really let them grow.”

Chaiken makes a valid point about them both leading busy lives, but that doesn’t make the wait any more bearable. The two have continued to become closer since the series debuted and even more so after Kathy’s murder. Nonetheless, we may not have to wait much longer, so time will tell just how “close” they will get.

Fans Speculate about how Benson and Stabler’s Relationship Will Advance

The big Organized Crime crossover has fans firing on all cylinders trying to dissect what they can from the trailers. With showrunners like Chaiken remaining vague, show enthusiasts are avidly speculating how Benson and Stabler’s relationship will progress.

Shortly after the trailer showing them holding hands debuted, the Law & Order: Organized Crime subreddit got to work, asking members what they thought would happen. Aside from comments, the post “How do you see Elliot and Olivia’s relationship progressing in the crossover” featured a poll.

Interestingly, the majority of voters believe the handholding is a red herring, with the hands in question not even belonging to Stabler and Benson. Many commenters are used to being fooled, saying things like “being very tired of feeling yanked around by promos.”

In a close second, the subreddit believes the episode will be very intimate for the two of them. At some point, they believe Benson and Stabler will talk about how they feel romantically, particularly Olivia. Additionally, though it may just be hopeful thinking, they believe the two will share a kiss.

The crossover is a big event spanning two hours, so something big could certainly happen between them. However, as many people pointed out, the show frequently dangles Benson and Stabler in front of them.

Nevertheless, the episode debuts next Thursday, December 9, so we won’t have to wait much longer.