‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Stabler Found Himself in the Fight for His Life

by Suzanne Halliburton
Bobby Bank/GC Images

Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler may finally get the higher-ups in New York’s attention. Throughout Thursday’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, the stock market was in chaos.

And Stabler promises he knows who is responsible for the financial carnage.

With that, he asked for two days to take down Richard Wheatley and save the country’s markets and probably the world’s, too. It wasn’t hyperbole on Stabler’s part, either. Will the NY governor and a Congressman back off Stabler now that so much money is at stake? We’ll see indications of that in the next Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, which is set for Feb. 24. (The Winter Olympics from Beijing puts all NBC prime-time shows on hiatus).

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Towards the end of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt) forced Stabler to seek a psychological evaluation. Earlier in the episode, she thought she was having an anniversary lunch with her wife. Instead, she received a political ambush from the governor and a Congressman. They were worried that Stabler was too focused on Wheatley, who’d complained to both of them about Stabler.

Stabler does look very obsessed with Wheatley (Dylan McDermott). And the same could be true for Wheatley and his plan to take down Stabler.

But Stabler finally forced Bell’s hand when he attacked Wheatley in an elevator. He head-butted Wheatley and whispered that he “had his wife.” Then he showed Wheatley some black lace panties, presumably from his encounter with Angela (although we don’t think these two slept together).

Stabler, after he bloodied up Wheatley’s face and knocked him to the floor, asked him where he lived. Wheatley said “in your head. … in your head.”

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Stabler lost his cool when he found out that Wheatley was using the date of his wife’s death as part of the key code to take down the stock market. That led to the fight.

But when the next new episode unfolds, will we even see Stabler on the Wheatley case? He seems way too emotional to think clearly in regards to Wheatley. Conversely, Wheatley also is way too obsessed with Stabler. But he’s the bad guy. No one is in his face telling him to be ethical.

Here’s the ace Stabler has up his sleeve for the next Law & Order: Organized Crime episode. Sebastian McClane, aka Constantine the super hacker, was Wheatley’s partner. The two hacked their way to a $700 million theft in the markets. But McClane witnessed Wheatley’s anger and obsession up close when Wheatley believed McClane was sleeping with Angela.

As the episode closed, McClane called Stabler and told him he was going to help bust Wheatley. While he was manipulating the stock market, McClane said he left a digital fingerprint leading every transaction back to Wheatley.

You’ll have to wait almost five weeks until we see a resolution to this Law & Order: Organized Crime conundrum. Surely, Stabler survives to start a fight another day.