‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Celebrates Real Heroes in New Photo

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Chris Meloni, star of Law & Order: Organized Crime, took to his personal Instagram page to celebrate who he referred to as “heroes” in a new photo this week.

Meloni wrote as the caption for the photo, “So this was my nite Surrounded by: heroes the world over and those that defended the Capitol on the Jan 6 insurrection And lovely talented @rachelzegler.”

Fans loved the post and message with one fan commenting on the post, “Very cool and awesome.”

Another fan wrote, “What an amazing honor and privilege.”

Chris Meloni Returns To ‘Law & Order’

It was tough for fans to lose Elliot Stabler from their television screens when Meloni left Law & Order: SVU years ago. However, after such a legendary run on the program, it’s fair to wonder if Meloni missed being on the show long after he left.

He told EW, “Zero.” He continued, “I would have no problem admitting to it. But I was pleasantly surprised it played out as well as it did. Because, you know, that’s not how life shakes out, right? You can have all the dreams you want, all the preconceived notions of how it’s going to be. But I must say, the intervening decade was everything I could have hoped for.”

There were no bad feelings between the two parties. He was ready for a change and to do something else and does not feel as though it’s an issue to admit he did not miss the program after leaving it. He was on it for a long time and had a great run. Now, he’s back, the pieces aligned, and he’s thriving once again.

But why come back? Meloni said, “I was intrigued for a variety of personal reasons.”

Why Come Back Now?

Chris Meloni continued, “If you have, at least from my perspective, a very well-known and beloved TV character who left abruptly and, I would argue, unceremoniously… there’s a built-in recognizability, a thing that needs to be satiated with a sense of closure. Those are all very attractive things.”

Although Meloni did not want to return to SVU, he did want to return to the universe. It just had to be the right fit and the right opportunity for him. His character left abruptly and this was a unique way of finding closure for the character. He did not need to do that on SVU. He could do that on the new show and that is what he is doing. There is still a lot of stuff left to the Stabler character. This is one of the many reasons the spin-off show works so well. This was an opportunity for Meloni and his character to find the closure that worked and made sense for all parties involved. This is what you want to see.