‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Hilariously Revealed How He Got a Key Characteristic

by Suzanne Halliburton

Christopher Meloni, the star of Law & Order: Organized Crime, likes to keep it real with his fans on social media.

He’s always responding to someone. And you never know when he’s being serious or silly. A fan, who goes by the Twitter name PurplePoet4, posted side by side photos of Meloni. And she asked him “how did you get the dent in your head.”

Well, duh. Meloni quipped: “Banging my head against the wall.” And the beauty of his comment is you can kind of imagine Meloni knocking his head against a wall or maybe the floor. After all, look what he’s done so far in this season of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

And speaking of Law & Order: Organized Crime, there is no new episode Thursday night. The first eight-episode arc concluded last Thursday when Meloni’s Elliot Stabler helped wrangle the Kosta Organization after months of going undercover as Eddie Wagner.

Meloni shaved his head and grew a beard to look more like Eddie, who talked his way into the Albanian gang. And with the 60-year-old Meloni sporting a sleeker hairstyle, dents in the head — real or imagined — are easier to see. Stabler shaved his beard as last week’s episode ended. Maybe he’ll keep the bald look, though.

Fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime surely had a lump in their throat when Eddie/Stabler needed to confront Reggie, his mob buddy. Reggie testified against the Kosta organization and was placed in witness protection. We saw him last week pumping gas in the snow, so where ever he is, it’s cold.

Plus, it was sad to see the flirty relationship between Eddie/Stabler and Flutera come to an end. But Eddie did keep Albi’s secret. He never told Flutera that her husband of three-plus decades was gay and had a boyfriend on the side. The guy Albi held hostage could’ve been any tourist. Albi let him go and let Stabler arrest him without any bloodshed.

So, let’s get back to Meloni’s tweet and all his curious fans from Law & Order: Organized Crime. They had so many more questions for Meloni that had nothing to do with the dent in his head. They mostly asked about Mariska Hargitay, aka Olivia Benson, Meloni/Stabler’s former partner on Law & Order: SVU. Now that Stabler’s wife is dead and Flutera is in jail, there can be time for Olivia. Or, as Meloni refers to her on social media, Marsha.

One fan wrote: “i already asked u, but what was going on hereeeee??? !! i need answers.”

We do have some Olivia Benson kind of answers. Law & Order: Organized Crime returns, Dec. 9, with another eight-episode arc. This time, it’ll feature handsome bad guy Dylan McDermott as Richard Wheatley. Surely, he’ll get under Stabler’s skin at least once an episode.

And there promises to be more crossovers, so we can see more of Stabler and Benson doing law things. Or maybe something else, if Meloni’s fans have their way.