‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Hits the Gym With His Daughter

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime star Christopher Meloni needs to maintain his Zaddy status.

And on Saturday, Meloni shared a photo as to how he spent part of his afternoon. He and his daughter, Sophia, went to the gym. Now, how did you spend your day?

“Me and The Kid Sophia Meloni doin our thing,” the Law & Order: Organized Crime star wrote on Instagram. The snap showed a very agile Sophia doing the splits as she did a stretching exercise.

We’re assuming Meloni worked on his famous glutes.

Meloni’s Backside Went Viral in the Spring, Right After Law & Order: Organized Crime Premiere

Remember when Meloni first returned to our airwaves? This was back in April, when Law & Order: Organized Crime made its series premiere. And almost right off the bat, a photo of Meloni’s backside went viral.

This was a week after his 60th birthday. He was filming for Law & Order: Organized Crime in an NYC neighborhood and a fan snapped him in action and posted it on Facebook. Then someone posted the photo on Twitter leading to a viral social media moment.

The photo, itself, was pretty innocuous, except fans focuses on Meloni’s well-defined rear end. Here’s the original tweet.

Meloni, After 60, Landed Cover and Video for Men’s Health

Nick Haramis, who is editor of Interview, then shared photos of his site’s photo shoot with Meloni. And since Meloni loves to work out and lift weights, the Interview writer asked Meloni about his butt’s viral moment. Haramis described Meloni as a “zaddy.” If you’re not familiar with today’s vernacular, a zaddy is an older man with style and swagger.

Elliot Stabler’s alter ego loves to interact with his fans on social media. He was delighted to answer questions about his infamous glutes. A Twitter follower asked him to explain why he had “so much cake.” (think backside). And Meloni offered a playful answer. He posted “Sure- big birthday(60), big boy(200 lbs), big cake.” Another fan asked him why he was trending. He replied: “The other Melonis are trending, not me.”

The Law & Order: Organized Crime star certainly embraced being a Zaddy. Then came the perfect present for a man celebrating his 60th year on Earth. Meloni appeared on the August cover of Men’s Health. He also did a four-minute workout video for the magazine. Meloni always has been in shape. He’s a former high school quarterback who worked as a personal trainer and bouncer before acting started paying the bills.

How did Meloni react to being on the cover?

It’s cool as s–t,” the Law & Order: Organized Crime star told Men’s Health. “The aspect of age comes into play as far as the cover of [this magazine] and how I feel about it. A friend of mine said, ‘Did you ever think in a million years you’d be on the cover of Men’s Health?’ I said, ‘Certainly not at age 60.’” 

And that’s why you spend Saturday afternoons at the gym. A new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime is set for Thursday. Elliot Stabler probably will need those muscles to fight off Richard Wheatley.