‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Reveals One of His Greatest Experiences From the Show

by Jonathan Howard

One of the things that Chris Meloni does best is reply to Law & Order: Organized Crime fans on a regular basis on Twitter.

Meloni answers questions about Elliot Stabler, other characters, his fellow cast members, and more. However, he has one thing in mind that he loves. And yes, it is a bit sarcastic, if we’re being honest. While replying to a fan the Law & Order: Organized Crime star joked about Dylan McDermott, his costar.

The question that the fan asked was, “What are your great experiences,” during the show? First, they asked McDermott, then Meloni. Check out the tweet below to see Meloni’s reaction.

“For me,” Meloni replied. “Just listening to [Dylan McDermott] wax rhapsodic about how tater tots are better than french fries every day at catering is enough… … . …and such.”

Now, McDermott had to respond and defend himself, of course…”It’s true I do love a tater tot!” the actor replied. Well, there you have it. Law & Order: Organized Crime is a tater tot set. So, don’t bring fries, wedges, chips, or anything else. Tots and tots only, at least as far as McDermott is concerned.

Right now, it seems that everything is on hiatus. That, unfortunately, includes Law & Order: Organized Crime after tonight’s new episode airs. After the January 20th episode, it will be until February 24th until the show returns. With NFL playoffs, the Winter Olympics, and other wintery specials, a lot of networks are putting their shows on hiatus.

So far this season, Stabler has been locked in a battle with Richard Wheatley. McDermott, who plays Wheatley, has been very into the role. Fans have also enjoyed his time on the show.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Promises ‘There Will Be Blood’

As Richard Wheatley continues to wreak havoc in Stabler’s life as well as across NYC, things are only escalating. McDermott has brought the character to life unlike many in the Law & Order universe. In a teaser, Law & Oder: Organized Crime star McDermott showed blood.

Unfortunately for McDermott, the blood was on his own face. The episode had fans excited and surely delivered tonight. At this point, Wheatley has grown into a Batman-like villain. However, there is no superhero here to save the day. Just an NYPD detective. Elliot Stabler. So, Stabler is going to have to do whatever it is he has to do to bring his nemesis to justice.

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans should enjoy the episode tonight. Because after this, there will be a bit of a sought for new episodes. If the Wheatley saga continues there is going to be a lot to get through. He has only escalated things each week, so just how far can he take it? We’ll all have to wait and find out.