‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Danielle Moné Truitt Is Down to Party in Adorable Photos of Son’s Birthday

by Chase Thomas

Law & Order: Organized Crime star Danielle Mone Truitt posted some adorable birthday party photos to her Instagram over the weekend.

Mone Truitt wrote for the caption, “Roro partied ALL DAY! LOL Thank you to all my family and friends in Sacramento that joined us at Rockin’ Jump for some fun! And for blessing my baby with gifts, moola and lots of candy ! Roro truly had a ball and was SO SO happy! Lol. Big shout out to @cake_jewel for Roro’s AMAZING Tails Cake! OMG!! You truly DID THAT!!! #HappyBirthdayRoro #BoyMom #AintNoMountainHighEnough”

Clearly, it was a great party and a great day for her son’s birthday and fans loved seeing Mone Truitt from Law & Order: Organized Crime get some family time in to celebrate her son’s special day.

One fan wrote, “Great cake! Glad you enjoyed your bday Roro. 🥳🎂🙆🏽‍♀️”

Another fan wrote, “Awwww. My son went through a Sonic phase too. That cake is Amazing!”

Mone Truitt on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Mone Truitt has thrived on Law & Order: Organized Crime both on-screen and off. She spoke with ET about her role on the show and what drew her to it.

Part of it, as she tells it is that it is more “serialized”. You need to watch each episode in the season of Law & Order: Organized Crime, without missing a beat, to understand what all is happening and how all the pieces connect. This is fun for a storyteller like Mone Truitt. You get to work on a program that sees a long-term project through rather than recycle new storylines every single day.

She said, “We’re focusing on one crime boss for the entire season. And I feel when you do it that way, you’re able to see richer characters, you’re able to either fall in love or fall in hate with the characters.” This NBC drama gives the full scope of a character, specifically a villain. Instead of not having enough about a character to chew on, this Dick Wolf production gives you everything about a villain fo an entire season for fans to garner a true understanding of who they are and who the good guys are that is chasing them.

She continued, “It really humanizes the world a lot and that intrigued me.” This is a big-time pro for serialized television shows like this one.

How Does She Work with Stabler?

Their situations could not be more different on Law & Order: Organized Crime. Still, they make it work because of their different styles and different points in their careers.

She added, “They have to come together and figure out how to work together in order to bring justice to so many people that need it.” And finished by saying that they “have more in common than they have differences and the only way they are able to recognize that is by working together.”

They simply make it work on Law & Order: Organized Crime.