‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Danielle Moné Truitt Stuns in Photo With Her ‘Favorite’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime star Danielle Mone Truitt truly loves to show off the man in her life.

And Monday is the perfect kind of day to proclaim your adoration, right? First day of the week, but it’s a federal holiday. Sounds totally romantic. Truitt, who plays Ayanna Bell on Law & Order: Organized Crime, shared a snap of Jeremy Earl and captioned it:

“You’re my favorite.”

Here’s Why He’s Her Favorite: Truitt’s Man Can Cook

Truitt has revealed other details about her man in previous Instagram posts. Take the one she posted in late November. It was the first Monday after the long Thanksgiving holiday. And Truitt brought back the hashtag #ManCrushMonday. Again, she showed off a photo of the handsome Earl. The boss lady on Law & Order: Organized Crime gushed why:

“Is #MCM still a thing? Well this is an appreciation post for my Boo Jeremy Earl. I just want to brag about the food this guy makes. I mean the man can COOK!!! (And) I appreciate all those times I got off work and was dead tired and you had a hot plate ready for me! Like one time I said I had a taste for Ramen and this man went to the store, bought fresh ingredients and MADE RAMEN!! He had never even made Ramen before!! You really are THE BEST! Thank you for taking care of me. Just a whole snack that be cookin’ good meals!  #ManCrushEveryday.

See, she has plenty of reasons to name Earl as her favorite.

Meanwhile, Law & Order: Organized Crime returns Thursday with a new episode. And Truitt’s character really is trying to keep partner Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) on the straight and narrow. Both Stabler and Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) are stalking each other. Both are trying to work the other’s nerve to get an edge. It’s guaranteed the two men will work Bell’s last nerve.

(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Oh, My! Law & Order: Organized Crime Will Feature Elevator Fight

The social media team for Law & Order: Organized Crime showed us why. Stabler and Wheatley will fight. In an elevator. The two really are like two large dogs constantly marking each other’s territory. Or, it’s the same kind of clash you’d seen from teenage boys with raging hormones.

So what’s this all about? Why does Stabler head butt Wheatley? It’s probably because Stabler and Wheatley’s ex wife, Angela, went out to dinner. Wheatley knows this because he was staring at them through a window. Stabler was stroking Angela’s hand. It’s all to get Wheatley to lose focus. In last week’s episode, Wheatley had a brush with Stabler’s mother. Wheatley didn’t do anything, but Stabler threatened to put a bullet in his head if he got near his mamma again.

Stabler also wants to win over Angela so she can give him some of her ex-husband’s secrets. Angela and Wheatley are back working together, with Angela wooing a super hacker their way.

And Bell has to keep Stabler calm through all of this. It’s difficult to build a case against someone if you’re fighting in elevators.