‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Celebrates Birthday in Perfect Halloween Fashion

by Lauren Boisvert

Today is Dylan McDermott’s birthday, and he celebrated with some appropriately spooky photos. He celebrated his big 6-0 by dressing up in a leather jacket and putting himself in varying degrees of danger from iconic Halloween villains.

The photo series, posted on Instagram, features a clown, a few Jasons, a pumpkin-faced escaped convict, and a Freddy. They all hold various fake weapons, while McDermott looks on pensively, seemingly unaware that he’s being faux-attacked.

He captioned the series, “A Birthday Boy in Serious Jeopardy!”

How Dylan McDermott Reacted to His Role on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Dylan McDermott plays a crime boss on Law & Order: Organized Crime; but how did he go from playing a hot-shot lawyer on The Practice to portraying a criminal? According to McDermott, it was because of his background.

“I had grown up with these unsavory gangsters as a kid,” he told Parade. “My mother’s boyfriend was a bank robber, my uncles had dabbled in this and that. I had grown up with my dad in the Village, Little Italy, and had been around when Joey Gallo got killed, and Paul Castellano [was shot dead] at Sparks Steak House. I had waited on these guys as a bartender, as a waiter and as a busboy, so I knew the lay of the land.”

McDermott was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but grew up in New York, and he said that’s what drew him to Law & Order. He was attracted to New York’s style and said as much.

“In America, New York is the center of style and fashion. I had always watched. I’ve always been a great watcher and observer,’ he said. “So I think that the combination of having grown up that way, the clothes, the look, I think that all fell into place for me.”

So, he grew up in New York, he likes the style; what else was it about the role that attracted him?

“And, certainly, the psychosis of this character being a malignant narcissist, I think all that stuff is really appealing to me. So it was an easy yes because I knew exactly who the guy was. By the time I stepped on set, I was more than ready.”

He’s got the upbringing, the look, and the mentality to play a crime boss; certainly, he was made to play that role.

Stabler Faces Craziness in ‘Organized Crime’ Clip

We’re all so worried for Stabler, that we need a week off from Organized Crime. He’s so close to getting found out that we’ve been on the edges of our seats since Thursday.

Stabler had to rush to Teddy Garcia’s aid, but Garcia’s wife ended up being shot in the stomach and killed. Stabler was at the scene with Garcia, and now it all comes down to whether or not Kosta is going to find Stabler out.