‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Drops Hilarious Chris Meloni Photobomb

by Suzanne Halliburton
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The playful social media war between Law & Order: Organized Crime stars Dylan McDermott and Christopher Meloni hit a high point Thursday, six minutes before the new episode kicked off.

And it says everything. In fact, McDermott didn’t even have to caption the photo. He was looking suave and handsome. Meloni was having fun in a photobomb.

Take a glance at the two 60-year-olds. We’re talking the fun of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Is it a Law & Order: Organized Crime Bromance or Love Triangle?

Here’s some background in the Twitter back and forth. Meloni is Elliot Stabler. And his No. 1 enemy on Law & Order: Organized Crime is Richard Wheatley, played by McDermott. The two despise each other on the series. Wheatley killed Stabler’s wife when the show premiered last April. The jury couldn’t decide a verdict, so Wheatley was released from prison. However, he lost most of his money and is out for revenge to get it back.

In fact, he’s so motivated by his hate of Stabler that he uses the date of Kathy Stabler’s death as a password. Plus, Wheatley hired a man to woo Stabler’s mother.

On the show, each character knows how to push the other’s buttons. They’ve figured out each other’s emotional weaknesses. So they try to trigger each other.

And the two actors delight in the tension they create on-screen. So did their fans. One took a look at the McDermott tweet and proclaimed: “This is legit my lock screen. I laugh every time I unlock my phone. Best bromance in the business!!!”

Another wrote: “That is a wicked good photo bomb.”

Earlier Thursday, Meloni tweeted: “Watch ⁦Dylan McDermott⁩ get pouty when I talk about ⁦⁦Tamara Taylor⁩ tonight.”

So, we ask Law & Order: Organized Crime fans, is it a bromance or a bizarre love triangle? The person who stands between the two characters is Angela Wheatley (Tamara Taylor). She’s Wheatley’s ex-wife. And Wheatley still is in love with her, or at least he thinks he is. He’s certainly obsessed as he tells super hacker McClane that all the money they stole that day from the stock exchange was for Angela’s benefit. We’re talking $700 million.

Wheatley also thinks Stabler and Angela are involved with each other. And it’s another reason to destroy Stabler. In Thursday’s episode, Stabler went on a pretend date with Angela, knowing Wheatley likely would follow her. Stabler wanted to use the dinner to warn Angela as Wheatley fixated on them from the window.

“It’s good you’re suspicious,” Stabler told Angela. “It’s what keeps us alive. Here’s to the truth in all of its ugliness and beauty.”

As for Angela, she told Stabler: “It is so sweet of you to be concerned for me.”

The episode ended with a fight between the two characters. Stabler head-butted Wheatley in the face, letting him know that he slept with Angela. He even pulled out a pair Angela’s panties.

At the end of the fight, Stabler asked him: “where do you live?” Wheatley replied, “Inside your head.”