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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Feels Right at Home ‘Inside’ Stabler’s Head

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

This season of Law & Order: Organized Crime has been focused on one rivalry. Elliot Stabler and Richard Wheatley.

The two have faced off on numerous occasions. The mob boss seems to be one step ahead at all times, though. There has been a lot that has happened between Wheatley last year around this time and Wheatley now. As the main villain of the series, Dylan McDermott has done a great job.

Since the new year began, Wheatley has been wreaking havoc. While he was an informant one episode, behind-the-scenes he was planning all of the chaos that was happening. He got himself an elite hacker out of prison and has now made NYC a hellscape. Stabler knows what is happening but doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

With all that Wheatley has done to Stabler, it is driving the NYPD Detective crazy. He just can’t seem to shake him. At this point, he is seeing him in the shadows just about. Dylan McDermott is loving his role on Law & Order: Organized Crime so he decided to tease Stabler a bit.

Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

After a conflict with Richard, Elliot stands above him while watching him bleed from his face. He asks, “Where do you live?” to which Wheatley says, “Inside your head.” It’s becoming more and more true with each episode. How damaging is this all going to be to Stabler’s mental health?

So far Law & Order: Organized Crime has been leaning into the Richard Wheatley story arcs. From the Kathy Stabler murder to the trial to the federal investigation that included Wheatley, and now causing Stabler to just about go mad. It has elevated the character from just a regular criminal to a true comic book villain.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Big Stabler-Wheatley Fight

What has become obviously clear is that both Wheatley and Stabler are out for revenge. Whatever form of “revenge” it is they feel like getting. For Wheatley that means making the city that Stabler protects burst into flames with crime and confusion. Stabler wants more personal revenge than that.

His latest move to draw Wheatley off his game was to feign interest in the bad guy’s ex-wife, Angela. Stabler has started to pretend to be in love with her. The two just can’t stand each other and want to inflict pain and harm to the other. At the end of the day, Stabler still hasn’t found a reason to arrest Wheatley again.

Still, it must have felt good to punch his face in and make him bleed. When it comes to personal revenge like this, anything will do. If Stabler can’t get his revenge through the justice system, he will get it with his own two fists. Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are loving the back and forth each episode.