‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott is a Photographer in His Spare Time

by Allison Hambrick

Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Dylan McDermott revealed that photography is one of his favorite hobbies in his free time. Appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the actor discussed his return to New York and how that inspired his creativity.

“Oh, you know, I love walking around New York,” McDermott explained. “My favorite thing to do is just to walk. So I love to walk around, take pictures–you know, I’m a photographer too–so I just take street photos. I love to talk to people and say ‘hey, can I take your picture?'”

In response, host Ryan Seacrest asked the obvious question: does he get recognized?

“Sometimes, sometimes not,” McDermott replied. “Sometimes I’ll give them a couple of bucks, and they’ll relax.” Of course, the actor and the hosts shared a laugh, then they looked at some of his work. Co-host Kelly Ripa went so far as to call McDermott a “renaissance man.”

In the same interview, the Law & Order star revealed another little-known fact about himself: he had a criminal past.

McDermott Reveals Criminal Past Before Law & Order

Unlike his Law & Order character, his crimes weren’t quite so violent. If anything, his illegal activities were about as bad as what most young people trying to scrape by get into.

“When I was a kid, I used to sell stolen Polo shirts on 14th Street,” McDermott revealed. “I would look at GQ magazine, and think ‘oh man if one day I could ever… If I ever made it, I could be on the cover of GQ Magazine,’ as I was selling stolen…”

Ultimately, the Law & Order actor did appear on the cover of GQ. Over 20 years ago, he was featured alongside Tom Hanks and Will Smith. McDermott has not been on the cover since 1999, however.

As for his response to the possibility of “getting busted,” McDermott’s solution is simple: “You run. You pick up the box and you just run… to the next corner.”

Additionally, the Law & Order star revealed how he avoided getting caught.

“I kind of always had the eye out, you know, and I would sell them fast,” he explained. “One for fourteen, two for thirty-nine.”

Should Richard Wheatley Get a Spinoff?

Whether or not he’d resume his own criminal activities isn’t a question–McDermott is much too busy sending chills down our spines in Law & Order. The actor finds his role compelling, so much so that he’d be game for a spinoff centered on Richard Wheatley.

“I don’t think people can handle that,” McDermott said in another interview. “It’ll probably have to be half-hour, I think an hour will be like, ‘Oh man.’”

Until Dick Wolf announces an official spinoff, audiences can still catch McDermott in Law & Order: Organized Crime. The series returns from its midseason break on Jan. 6 2022, only on NBC.