‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Opens Up If He Would Be Up for Spin-Off

by Jacklyn Krol
Bauer-Griffin, Filmmagic, Getty Images

Could Law & Order: Organized Crime fans handle a Richard Wheatley spin-off? Dylan McDermott isn’t too sure.

When McDermott was questioned if he would ever consider starring in a Law & Order series as the beloved villain.

“I don’t think people can handle that,” he told E! News. “It’ll probably have to be half-hour, I think an hour will be like, ‘Oh man.'”

What could a spin-off for Richard Wheatley even look like? Outsiders, sound off in the comments section!

McDermott takes a more immersive approach to portray Wheatley. He often improvises to make sure that he’s intrigued. His philosophy is that if he is amused, the audience will be amused.

“By the time I put the clothes on and I start to daydream about what I’m going to do, I let Wheatley take over, whatever that incarnation is,” he added. “I really try to step away from him and just let him go and let him be whoever he is. Sometimes I don’t know. There are moments when he does stuff that is just so outrageous.”

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Chris Meloni and McDermott work super well together. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, they appreciate their roles and want to put out the best product possible. Secondly, they have some history together.

“Chris and I speak the same language,” McDermott told Parade. “We went to the same acting school in New York, the Neighborhood Playhouse. I knew going into it that I would have to be formidable to go up against him. We would talk about the scenes, and we’d go through them beat by beat.”

McDermott was also a fan of the Law & Order franchise before Law & Order: Organized Crime even existed. He realizes just how much power this spin-off and franchise has.

“I think that it’s an old friend,” the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star said. “There’s something about the ability to turn on ‘Law & Order’ anywhere in the world and know what you’re going to get.

“There’s a beginning, middle, and end, and I think that’s really comforting for most of the world,” McDermott told the outlet. “There are only a few shows like that where people really feel comforted: ‘Friends,’ ‘Law & Order’ and ‘Seinfeld’. There’s only a handful of shows in the world where people actually relax into it and feel like they’re at home.”

Tamara Taylor’s Take

In an interview with PopCulture, Tamara Taylor, who portrays Angela Wheatley talked about her two co-stars and their different approaches to acting.

“It’s really, really fun,” she said of working alongside McDermott and Meloni. “I would say I feel like I’ve just grown getting to play with both of them. Because Dylan’s way into his character is almost the antithesis of what Chris does. If Dylan’s desire is to make himself laugh, if he can amuse himself in a scene like, ‘You’re a hot mess Angela.'”

She revealed that McDermott often improvises and experiments while on set. His motto is that if he can amuse himself, it will amuse the audience.

Meanwhile, Meloni’s approach is present and collaborative. Taylor said that she has met another actor who has wanted the best out of everyone.

Law & Order: Organized Crime airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.