‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Promises ‘There Will Be Blood’ in Tonight’s Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fellow Law & Order: Organized Crime geeks, one of y’all needs to give Richard Wheatley some ice and a tissue. He’s showing proof of blood.

Like, Wheatley, portrayed by Dylan McDermott, is sporting lots and lots of blood. Poor guy. Hope it’s the fake stuff.

Take a look at the selfie McDermott took while filming tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode. Can you say ouch, or at least a pretend ouch?

Spoiler Alert: Elliot Stabler Drew First Blood in This Law & Order: Organized Crime Episode

McDermott has much too pretty of a face to get smashed right in the nose. Wonder who did that to him? Well, the Law & Order: Organized Crime social media crew dropped hints earlier in the week about what unfolds in As Iago Is to Othello.

Spoiler alert. Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is responsible for all this blood. The two alpha dogs get into a fight in the elevator. And Stabler head butts Wheatley in the face. It was glorious as he tells him “I had your wife.”

Check out this Law & Order: Organized Crime tease.

Rather Than the Alpha Guys, We Should Keep Our Eyes on Angela

So what’s this all about? Obvious guess — Stabler and Wheatley are trying to one-up each other with mind games. They know which buttons to push, whether it’s Wheatley stalking Stabler’s mother. Or whether it’s Stabler trying to woo Wheatley’s ex-wife, Angela. Both men, typically, are cool under fire, although Stabler will blow his stack. Wheatley is the ultimate manipulator, but his Achilles is Stabler.

But we also know that Angela may have the edge over both of these men.

In last Thursday’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, called As Nottingham Was to Robinhood, we see lots of Angela. She’s sweet-talking super hacker Sebastian McClane, who wants no part of being a violent criminal. He’s still worried about making amends with the family of the man he accidentally killed during one of his hacks. Angela kind of flirts with him. And, she kind of mothers him, sending him on his way with some warm clothes and a meal stashed inside a backpack. Ultimately, McClane ends up with Wheatley at the end of the episode. The two hopped a ride in a helicopter as power went out in the city.

Stabler wants to get Angela back on his side, although Angela probably sees through the con. They can use each other. So in clips from tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, we see Stabler and Angela at a restaurant in front of a window. Stabler kisses Angela on the hand. She asks “what is all of this?” And Stabler tells her: “thought I’d pretend to be in love with you.”

Guess who was watching outside? Wheatley. We’re assuming this faux romantic date set off Wheatley and prompted their fight. But it could all be a head fake, although we know there is a head butt.

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