‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Speaks on Concerns About 3 Major Characters

by John Jamison

Well, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans, we’re officially moving into the second phase of Season 2. That means a whole new set of challenges for Danielle Moné Truitt’s Sergeant Ayanna Bell. As Elliot Stabler’s partner, Bell will need to pay close attention to the Chris Meloni character’s psychology after spending such a long time undercover. But Stabler isn’t her only concern moving forward. She talked about the characters she’s keeping an eye on over the next few weeks.

How nice is it for Law & Order: Organized Crime to be back for Season 2 with an entire order of episodes on the way? Season 1 would have been finishing up around this time, as it only had eight episodes total. This time around, the show can take its time exploring characters in depth and introducing new ones.

Danielle Moné Truitt talked to TV Insider about Bell’s concerns going forward. For the most part, they revolve around her partner Elliot Stabler, new figure Congressman Leon Kilbride (Ron Cephas Jones), and of course, the treacherous Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott).

She spoke on her concerns about Stabler returning from his undercover duty as Eddie.

“She knows after being undercover for any amount of time; it can definitely do a bit of work on the psyche. Bell is a good leader, and she definitely cares about Stabler, so she’s happy though that he did get this win,” said Truitt.

Then, she talked about Ron Cephas Jones’ Congressman Leon Kilbride. She suspects he’s connected with a bad crowd.

“From the jump, she was leery about him. So number one, it’s good for her to have her suspicions confirmed. But number two, she feels like she’s in a dangerous situation because he did her a couple of favors,” Truitt continued.

The Big Bad Guy on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Perhaps Ayanna Bell’s biggest concern takes the form of Season 1 villain Richard Wheatley. Yes, Stabler and Bell aided in having him arrested, but the arrest is only half the battle. With all of Wheatley’s connections, including some to Congressman Kilbride, any number of things can go wrong.

Dylan McDermott’s character awaits trial for the murder of Kathy Stabler (Isabel Gillies). He’s already demonstrated the ability to beat murder charges. And it’s not as if his ratting other people out is indicative of him trying to be a better person. Bell knows he’s only doing it out of self-interest.

“So there’s an anxiousness attached to [it]: How is this all gonna play out? And if he doesn’t get convicted of killing Kathy Stabler, how is that going to affect Stabler? And then how is that going to affect his work? It’s all a trickle-down effect,” Truitt told the outlet.