‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Tamara Taylor Breaks Down Angela’s Feelings for Wheatley

by Suzanne Halliburton

We’re imagining a plot twist in this new story arc of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Angela kills Richard and fans high five.

OK, it’s TV. We don’t applaud murder in real life. But you wouldn’t blame Angela if she decided to off her ex-husband, Richard Wheatley. After all, he’s tried to murder her. Twice. And he killed her son.

Tamara Taylor plays Angela, a recurring character on Law & Order: Organized Crime. When the series starts with a new episode, Dec. 9, Angela will be front and center again. Her character took a back seat this fall as Stabler (Christopher Meloni) busted up the Kosta Organization and all those Briscus.

Now, it’s time for Dylan McDermott, who portrays handsome, manipulative crime lord Richard Wheatley.

Taylor talked about Angela’s motivations for Law & Order: Organized Crime season two in an interview published Thursday with TV Insider.

So, how does Angela feel about Richard? (Hint, she loathes him).

“Every actor has sort of a different method of doing it,” Taylor told TV Insider. “But I always say, how would you feel if your husband killed your son and then tried to kill you twice?” (Answer, you’d be looking for your own gun).

“I don’t think she likes him very much,” Taylor said of Wheatley, who has remarried. “I’m willing to guess if she could take him out herself, she would because she’s a mama bear, and he’s also put our other two children at risk. He’s almost taken down the entire family and tried to kill me as well.

“Whatever unfolds this season, I hope the audience remembers that she knows what he did and you don’t forget. I don’t think you forget those things.” (No one will forget).

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

What a Law & Order: Organized Crime Twist: Angela Falls In Love with Stabler

Angela is a complicated character. She ordered the hit on Stabler’s wife, thinking Meloni’s character had her son killed. She helped Stabler grieve the death of his wife. And the two shared a kiss. Yet screaming headline — Stabler had her arrested. She still may be in love with him.

Then her ex-husband figured out that Angela could take him down by giving evidence to Stabler. Staying alive and out of jail is a goal for them both. So at the end of an abbreviated season one of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Wheatley tried to kill Angela. He had his people poison her the first time. And it wasn’t an ordinary poison. They put it in Angela’s shampoo, so she started foaming at the mouth when she got out of the shower.

Then at the end of the Law & Order: Organized Crime season one finale, Wheatley tried to kill Angela again. And get this — it was while she was in the hospital recovering from the poisoning. Fans may want to see Angela’s revenge.

However, revenge aside, her health may not be up for a good payback. In the season two premiere, Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt) checked on Angela. She wasn’t doing very well. Angela needed a cane. She had some memory issues. Taylor hinted to TV Insider that she probably wasn’t a great witness against her husband. We’ll find that out next week.

But remember, she has an eight-episode story arc to take him down. There’s time.