‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Tamara Taylor Was Excited to Play a Villain

by Jonathan Howard

One of the differences between Law & Order: Organized Crime and SVU is the fact Tamara Taylor has been able to play a villain for an entire season.

While SVU is a one-off style model, Organized Crime is a whole season arc. At least, in 8 episode story arcs. So, that means that Tamara Taylor has been able to reprise her role as Angela Wheatley. The character is complicated. She is a bad guy but also a victim. She has depth, and there is a real reason to feel sorry for her.

Taylor talked about getting the chance to play a villain and the situation around her character in the show. Law & Order: Organized Crime is in the midst of a big moment with the Richard Wheatley trial.

Here is what Taylor had to say about the role of Angela:

“Getting to play the villain, villainess, I was like… it’s not the first time I’ve played one. But the first time I’ve never actually played one that’s so interesting. And as we well know, because people are many things, more than one thing… Angela’s maybe not entirely the villain, but maybe she is, you know?”

The fact that Angela has such a different story makes her compelling. Seargent Bell had enough sympathy for her to visit her in the hospital. The nerve agent attack has left her in bad condition. It will be interesting to see the role she plays in the trial.

Taylor Intimidated By Costar

Getting ready for the trial on Law & Order: Organized Crime was a lot of work. The crew had a Zoom meeting to go over the script and more. While SVU usually does this every episode, that is not the case for the spinoff. Part of the meeting was going over the cross-examination that Raul Esparza’s Rafael Barba will conduct during the trial.

The actress said, “You know we did the Zoom table read. Which you know on Organized Crime we haven’t done in a while because it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough time… And Raul, jeez, had a lion’s share of the lines, which he always does… I was just taking in how already there his performance is, on a table read… My gosh, he’s probably one of the best actors I’ve ever witnessed.”

That is a whole lotta praise from Taylor to her costar Esparza.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Set to Finish Wheatley Saga

This crossover episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime is set to finish up one of its most compelling stories. Richard Wheatley has done a lot of bad in his life. However, with Barba on his team, he might not be convicted of anything.

A lot of people are hoping to see Wheatley end up in a cell. Including Angela and Elliot Stabler. The results of the case remain to be seen.