‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Teases Death and Destruction in New Video

by Kati Michelle

The Stabler-focused “Law & Order: SVU” spin-off titled “Law & Order: Organized Crime” continues to draw in a massive following for its quick-pace and dramatic storylines. Although fans seem pretty split about their favorite Elliot Stabler “look,” we can all agree on one thing: the guy’s a resident badass. We’ve seen him take on McDermott’s Richard Wheatley (who is slated to return!) and the hardcore Albanian mob from the inside. Surely, he’s ready for a break?

Wrong! NBC just teased another upcoming episode and finding rest is the last thing on Stabler’s mind. Death and destruction seem to follow him everywhere he goes and this next week is no different. Here’s what we’re dealing with.

‘Law& Order: Organized Crime’ 2×08 Preview Leaves Fans With More Questions Than Answers in a Nail-Biting First Look

Here’s the promotional teaser trailer for the upcoming Season 2 Episode 8 of “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” Even the title paints a grim picture: “Ashes to Ashes.” Check it out:

After his wife’s death (are we sure she’s really dead?), Elliot Stabler’s world shattered. He used that energy, as usual, to dedicate even more of himself to catching the bad guys. But fans continue to ask: Will he lose another loved one?

The explosion in the latest episode seems to point towards that very possibility. And, unfortunately, things only seem to get darker. The promo’s gunshots and screams leave some room for the imagination, but it can’t be good. Paired with the implied dramatics in the courtroom, the teaser points towards some trouble for our beloved cast. And that might be putting it lightly.

Breaking the Traditional Mold

“Law & Order” fans have come to expect certain things from Dick Wolf’s franchise. The set-up of every episode in the past, for example, seemed to follow a pretty predictable pattern. This gave fans a sense of familiarity with every passing season, but it also meant that sometimes loose ends remained instead of getting tied up.

Stabler’s spin-off “Law & Order: Organized Crime” takes a slight departure and attempts to fix this problem. Dick Wolf and Ilene Chaiken break the traditional mold by carrying storylines across eight-episode arcs instead. Ultimately, that means more depth for the plot and characters. That explains why Stabler’s undercover assignment got so fleshed out and why the series attempts to bring fans deep inside his character’s psyche.

One fan writes under the promo video:

“They do a good job of not making the storylines boring but don’t make the twists obvious. Really enjoying that we get the benefit of eight episodes to dive into the storyline. The writers are clearly fans of Heat.”

Look out for that next time you tune in to Law & Order: Organized Crime on Thursdays at 9 PM CT on NBC.