‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Vinnie Jones Calls Being on Show the ‘Holy Grail of TV’

by Chase Thomas

Law & Order has been a part of so many of our lives for quite a long time now, so much so that another actor referring to the program, and its subsequent spinoffs as the “holy grail of TV” does not sound the least bit out of the ordinary. The NBC dramas have flourished for decades now, with no signs of slowing down.

One of the newer additions to the Law & Order family, Vinnie Jones, spoke with Entertainment Tonight about his decision to join Chris Meloni and the cast of the Law & Order: Organized Crime. Jones said of the opportunity, “It’s like the holy grail of TV, isn’t it?”

He continued, “It’s such a stature in people’s lives. It’s been around for so long.” Yes, Jones is not wrong in the slightest here. He understands the gravity the series carries and he is clearly excited about the opportunity. His part, an Albanian gangster on the program, was one that he jumped at because of the program and its history and the opportunity it presented to him in his acting career.

Vinnie Jones character on Law & Order: Organized Crime

Jones got the opportunity to work with Meloni for months on the set, four to be exact, in New York City. His role was not a traditional villain on the show, as he had a longer story arc than what many fans expect when watching episode-to-episode. His story was a long one and it intertwined deeply with Stabler on the show.

Jones on Meloni said, “Chris is a bloody fine actor. I love his work and I loved working with him… It was such fresh air for me.” It does not getter or kinder than that, huh? Clearly, Meloni was an actor that Jones wanted to work with for a long time, and this role as Albi gave him the opportunity to work with him for a lengthy period of time. The two had quite the story, with Stabler’s big reveal being one of the bigger moments in the season.

However, all things must end at some point. At one point or another, Jones needed to exit the show. The interesting thing is that because of his experience on the show and his chemistry with Meloni, it should not be ruled out that we don’t see Albi back in on the showdown the line in some capacity. It would almost be crazy not to find a way to bring him back in the fold in some way or fashion, right?

You can watch Jones, Meloni, and the rest of the cast from Law & Order: Organized Crime either on NBC or on the Peacock app.