‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Was Stabler ‘Missing’ Life as Eddie During Flashbacks?

by Jonathan Howard

Now that Elliot Stabler is done with his UC assignment on Law & Order: Organized Crime, he is returning back to his normal life. However, he might miss his Albanian gang. Strange as it sounds, some fans have theories on the matter.

You can always count on those viewers over at the Law & Order: Organized Crime subreddit. In the last episode, Stabler had a lot of flashbacks to his life undercover. Is it possible he misses that life? Some fans think so.

“What do you think of Stabler’s flashbacks?” the post asked. “It seems like he was ‘missing’ his life as Eddie. I know he was sympathetic to Reggie, but it seemed like he was missing Flutura (It seemed like he had to in order not to blow his cover). He and Kathy were married as teenagers. Unless he slept with someone during their separation that would make her the second person he has been with. Did he actually care about her? It also seemed like he was missing his place in the ‘family.'”

There were a few suggestions. That is a good question, and it does seem he has a little lingering feeling about his former undercover identity. User, alouette_cosette had a good insight into the situation.

“As Eddie Wagner, he did things he never would normally do, so I took it that he was trying to come to terms with it. Maybe he is wondering if this was a side of himself that was there all along? It will be interesting to see if or how his time as ‘Eddie Wagner’ will change him in [the] future.”

One thing Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are a little torn about…Stabler shaved his beard. Now, without a need for it, the detective is back to his clean-shaven self.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Guess Stabler’s Next Romance

Also on Reddit, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are trying to guess who Stabler’s next love interest will be. If there is going to be another one this season, and likely there will be, it could be anyone. Of course, Olivia Benson is an obvious guess, but that never ends up going anywhere.

One viewer decided to put up a poll and had three options. Benson, Agnes Bagdani, and Mrs. Wheatley. Of those three the fans chose Benson overwhelmingly. Agnes and Mrs. Wheatley had about 17% of the vote. It was all sparked by a promo featuring Stabler holding hands with someone in the car.

While it could be just about anyone, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are hoping for something exciting to happen in Stabler’s love life. He hooked up with Flutura while undercover and that almost blew his identity. However, he kept cool and made sure to make the most out of it. Will Stabler find a more stable relationship?